CPM Scheduling for Federal Projects

To deliver projects on time and within budget, the Federal government requires that construction projects follow a robust and well-defined schedule. The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a commonly used scheduling technique that helps identify the critical construction activities and ensure that they are completed promptly. CPM scheduling also allows for the definition of explicit dependencies between different construction activities. This is essential for ensuring that the construction sequence is logical and that all activities are tied together correctly. In addition, CPM scheduling can help to improve accuracy by defining more reliable durations for each construction activity. As a result, CPM scheduling is a valuable tool for managing federal projects nationwide.

Construction Planning and Management (CPM) Scheduling is a commonly used tool in the construction industry, especially for large federal projects. The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), United States Coast Guard (USCG), and United States Air Force (USAF) are just a few of the organizations that use CPM scheduling to manage their construction projects. As a result, CPM Scheduling can be an invaluable tool for ensuring that Federal construction projects are completed on time and within budget.

HSE applies the specific knowledge of Federal construction project sequence and logic ties of what we learned on previous projects to our future work so our clients can see the benefit of hiring an experienced consultant. Our goal is to design the schedule to show the optimum sequence of activities and set up logic ties in a way that could allow the contractor to use the tool to prove the impact of compensable or excusable delays in future monthly updates.

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