Construction Cost Estimating

At HSE Contractors we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive construction management consulting, which includes cost estimating and quality control. We will closely monitor construction as the project progresses and can provide on-site quality assurance and control, cost estimation, material testing, constructability reviews and more according to what fits best the project’s needs.

Construction Estimating

We work closely with a variety of construction professionals, including owners, architects, engineers, and contractors, and will provide your team with construction management consulting every step of the way. As a multi-disciplined consulting firm, our team of experts will access your project and respond to your needs. We offer a variety of estimating and quality control services, all of which can be tailored to meet the challenges that arise throughout the construction process.

With decades of experience servicing a range of industries, our estimating and quality control services will mitigate risk and keep your project on budget. You will benefit from our decades of experience in engineering and construction and can rely on our construction management consulting services from conceptualization through project close-out.

Construction Cost Estimating

The licensed cost estimators at HSE Contractors are able to provide detailed and dependable cost estimating for projects of all sizes and complexity. A reliable cost estimate is an important construction management tool and is generally crafted during a project’s conceptual phase. As the project progresses, the cost estimate will be constantly refined to reflect design changes and budgetary concerns. Given that cost estimating is one of the most important steps in project management, teaming up with reliable experts can facilitate communication with owners and ultimately will give your project the best possible chance at success.

Cost Estimate of Structures

In this service, cost of construction will be estimated based on standard working rates and wages in each state. This service will also include design recommendations based on value engineering work that can expedite construction rate and/or save material and labor expenses.
Deliverables: Excel sheet containing: item description, units, quantities, estimated unit rate, and total expenses. Auto-Cad drawings accompanied by detailed calculation sheet for recommended modifications (if any) in structural design. Savings in cost and/or construction time will be included in a separate excel sheet.

HSE has a staff of experienced estimators with 30 plus years of experience and we are confident that we can quickly and accurately estimate your next construction project.

Cost estimation refers to analyzing the costs of projects, supplies and updates in business; analysis is usually conducted via software or at least a set process of research and reporting. Cost estimation models are a well-known sector of data and process management systems, and many types that companies can use based on their business models. These models have inherent strengths, but also come with weaknesses that can make them difficult to use in some situations.

Flexible Areas of Calculation:

  • Cost estimation models interpret costs. Some use an array of algorithmic models to assign values to certain factors in order to compute costs. Other models include an expert judgment model and an analogy estimation.

Efficiency and Cost Control:

  • Efficiency refers to the ability to do a task quickly and accurately, saving the business both time and money. When the right type of model is chosen, the business can realize gains from efficiency by using cost estimation to quickly calculate expenses and make choices in funding projects, choosing suppliers and other activities.


  • On the downside, cost estimation is somewhat subjective. Even with algorithmic models, it is usually up to the business to weigh certain values over others and assign the correct values to factors. The other model options are even more subjective. This means that sometimes a manager can make mistakes just as easily when using a cost estimation model than when working without one.

Variable Factors:

  • In a perfect world, factors remain steady and cost estimation models always produce accurate results. Unfortunately, markets are in constant flux, prices change and technology is always moving onward. This leads to constant changes in price, which means that costs have to be frequently updated and values changed to match. This can be a drain on time, especially in highly complex models.

Our Estimating & QC services include but is not limited to:

  1. Statement of Quantities (Takeoffs)
  2. Detailed Unit Cost Estimates
  3. Assembly Estimates
  4. Square Foot Estimates
  5. Government Bid Preparation
  6. Value Engineering
  7. BOQ for structure (RC and steel)
  8. MEP and finishes works (Using On-Screen takeoff and Rivet software)

Our average turnaround time on projects is roughly 2-4 days depending on the size and complexity.

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