Construction Litigation and Mediation Consulting

HSE Contractors, Inc. is the go-to professional construction consulting firm that specializes in construction litigation services. Our litigation and construction mediation practices provide a broad array of investigative, forensic and analysis services for all your construction service needs.

Construction Litigation

Every second counts when it comes to the construction litigation process, and without an expert, on your side, you risk receiving a detrimental resolution to your dispute. Whether it is for mediation or litigation resolution for your construction project, HSE Contractors, Inc. will utilize our years of experience and state-of-the-art support software to build your case.

Benefits Of Construction Mediation and Litigation Services

As your construction project grows in scope and complexity, your management team will come under increased legal pressure from all stakeholders. Without a strong team of construction litigation experts on your side, you run liable for personal and property damages across your project.

HSE Contractors, Inc. construction litigation and mediation professionals understand both the construction industry and the legal process. This means that our team of experts can clearly communicate the technical issues of your case to address your needs.

Our Construction Mediation And Litigation Experience

HSE Contractors, Inc. is known across the world as a result-driven and trusted development construction consulting firm for your entire project. Throughout the planning process to construction mediation services, our experts apply their knowledge to the challenges our clients face every day.

Every construction project is unique, and the circumstances of your project require professional attention. Unlike our competition, we manage millions of dollars of construction mediation projects each year. This means that your construction mediation expert has unparalleled knowledge, technical, and real-world experience to ensure you receive an optimal outcome for your particular situation.

Our experts have provided litigation support for industries in cases that range from different types of functional failures to structural collapse. Our work includes:

  • Structural system and component failures
  • Seismic and dynamic structural forces
  • Damage due to terrorist attacks
  • Construction material failures and durability
  • Serviceability failures
  • Construction delays and defects
Construction Litigation Services

HSE Construction, Inc provides expert construction litigation services for all your construction needs. We provide assistance for our clients navigate the entire litigation process. We analyze each dispute to gain a complete understanding of your particular situation, and then your construction litigation expert will provide you with the best outcome for your case.

We are proud to support our clients through all phases of the litigation process. While our clients prefer that a situation not occurs that requires our professional construction litigation services; they know they are taken care of with our litigation practitioners. Upon our client’s request, our construction litigation teams are assembled to meet our client’s needs.

Our ability to support and resolve the litigation construction needs of our clients stems from our scope of litigation services, including:

  • Litigation Consulting Experts
  • Discovery Support
  • Code and Specification Compliance Assessment
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • International Construction Experts
  • Failure Analysis and Resolution
  • Mediation and Arbitration Support
  • Field Investigations
Peace Of Mind With HSE Contractors, Inc.

You need to contact our construction litigation experts today if you are ready to focus on your business and worry less about the legal risks of your construction projects. Our world-renowned litigation and mediation professionals will work with you at each step of your circumstance to ensure you receive a favorable outcome. Our expert construction mediation and litigation experts are ready to speak with you today!

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