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4D Construction Simulation & Scheduling

4D Model Simulation: An aggregation of virtual models that are linked to the current CPM Progress Schedule that shows an ordered, time-scaled appearance of model elements/objects. The CPM Progress Schedule that is integrated into the 3D model (4D model) shall be kept current (all revisions and updates) on a monthly basis. A 4D model must contain one or more virtual models and at least one link to a CPM schedule.

4D Modeling can be applied in the design and construction phases.

4D modeling allows the owner to leverage the greatest value out of their BIM during the design phase by visualizing construction sequences in order to develop a phasing sequence to include in the construction documents. 4D Modeling in the construction phase can provide both the Contractor and the Owner a better visualization of the planned construction sequences compared to the actual construction sequences.

4D Construction Simulation & Scheduling

BIM is not only a powerful design tool, it is also a powerful construction planning and construction management tool. When the BIM is combined with the construction schedule, it becomes a 4D modeling tool where time is the 4th dimension. We will discuss this further in the next section. Hand-in-hand with that value is the ability to use the clash detection capability throughout the construction process. As the BIM information is further refined through shop drawings and actual construction as-built conditions, the clash detection capability provides a powerful management tool for analyzing and resolving the causes of construction phase clashes. This allows the owner to realize an added value of the time and effort that went into the development of the BIM in the first place. Furthermore, placing the BIM model in the hands of the contractor can greatly reduce the number of RFIs and resulting change orders.

By extending the BIM into the 4th dimension, the owner gains the following advantages:

  • Improved design document quality by testing the design against construction sequencing and thereby eliminating or reducing difficult sequence issues
  • Improved site use planning and coordination with ongoing operations
  • Improved lead time identification which can reduce total construction duration
  • Improved constructability and safety issue identification
  • Greatly improved ability to monitor actual progress vs. planned progress and to thereby identify and resolve issues more quickly, thereby reducing claims

4D BIM Modeling Samples

Modera Luxury Residential in Tampa 4D BIM Modeling

4D BIM Model of JW Marriott Hotel

4D BIM Modeling – Hi-Rise Building

Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Worth 4D BIM Model


CPM Schedule Sample Reports

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