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The construction industry is a very complex industry, and construction law has become very extensive and complex. Every construction project deal with impacts and problems that legally involve construction law and tort law arising from years of construction litigation. For tort law to be involved in construction litigation or arbitration there must be a wrongful act committed by a person or the wrongful act must give rise to a legal damage or actual damage or the wrongful act must be of such nature as to give rise to a legal remedy in the form of an action for damages. This requires construction experts to be well versed in all types of construction problems. HSE construction claims experts are well versed In construction tort and law all types of construction impacts.

When legal issues arise on pertinent construction matters, a highly-experienced professional is often needed to break down the jargon and technicalities of their profession through expert testimony.

Construction Expert Witness Testimony Services |

If you are a construction attorney and need expert construction witness testimony to bolster the success of your litigation strategy, then you can rely on the team at HSE Contractors. With several decades of combined experience in construction, engineering, CPM scheduling, and construction claims we can provide a forensic expert witness testimony for your trial in court or arbitration.

About HSE Contractors

The team at HSE Contractors comprises scheduling, construction defects claim consultants, construction managers, and experts in many construction subjects that have a wide range of experience in their respective fields. These individuals are more than qualified to give expert testimony. We also have expertise in estimating and preparing bids, as well as managing building field work.

Thousands of contractors, real estate developers, and property owners trust HSE to render reliable construction planning and expert testimony at a cost-effective price. Construction projects are worth millions and sometimes billions of dollars. They must be executed properly and efficiently to ensure well-run operations for both on-schedule and on-budget completion.

In summary, our consulting and expert testimony services are designed to assist in the streamlining of various construction projects and construction defect claims. We are also able to offer similar consulting services and expert testimony for legal clients needing a forensic expert witness testimony for their trial in court or arbitration.

In sum, our consulting and expert testimony services are designed to assist in the streamlining of various construction projects and construction defect claims. We are also inclined to offer similar consulting services and expert testimony for legal clients needing a forensic expert witness testimony for their trial in court.

How We Can Help

Legal issues that arise in the construction industry are often severe, with millions and even billions of dollars on the line when trial or arbitration starts. A typical construction law claim can entail the following scenarios:

  • Liability – Condominium tenants forming a class-action court lawsuit against a real estate developer for liability resulting in the toxic and deadly effects of mold damage affecting dozens of people.
  • Breach of Contract – A homeowner may sue for a breach of contract when their home renovation project is delayed or damaged because of the negligence of a subcontractor in court.
  • Wrongful Death – The family of a subcontractor may file a wrongful death claim in court for a loved one killed on a construction site after being exposed to toxic materials they never knew about. This is the epitome of a construction defect claim.
  • Many more

By choosing our team as your construction expert witness, we can guarantee that you will receive forensic testimony services to form an accurate judgment that can benefit your construction defect claim or another trial in court and inform the jury to render a positive verdict.

We have served as an expert witness in court in the past for several legal clients, assisting them in achieving a positive outcome on their clients’ behalf. At HSE Contractors, you can count on us to reinforce the structure of your court litigation with a solid expert testimony.

Benefits of Choosing Us

An expert witness is someone with diverse experience in all facets of the construction industry: planning, execution, and management. They can discuss in technical language, industry standards, forensics, and the implementation of integral technologies in their expert testimony.

Construction experts include individuals such as safety managers, contractors, electricians, compliance experts, real estate developers, material suppliers, demolitionists and others.

Fortunately, our team consists of construction experts that operate or have experience in these fields. When you need an expert witness, we can provide court reports, expert testimony, consult, and testify on a variety of construction aspects, which include:

  • Building code compliance
  • Accident investigation
  • Construction defects
  • Cost estimates
  • Work zone safety
  • Quality issues
  • Toxic mold
  • Standards of care
  • Governmental regulations
  • Design evaluations
  • Cost discrepancies
  • Forensic investigations
  • Structural engineering

By hiring us, you can also take advantage of the following benefits of our expert witness testimony:

  • We provide cutting-edge forensic investigation to support all of our findings regarding legal claims.
  • Our team will perform a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis to formulate an infallible expert witness testimony.
  • We will invest our industry-standard tools and resources on your behalf to create a compelling and factual construction defect claim to the jury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our expert witness testimony court services? If so, you can consult the following FAQs to broaden your insight.

A construction expert witness is a professional called upon by officers of the law to render a forensic judgment based on construction law or other similar matters for a trial. Expert witnesses usually involve highly-experienced members of the construction industry that break down complicated matters for a client’s trial to the court (ex. construction defect claims), provide insight on legal matters concerning their sector, and reinforce the case they are called to serve.
A construction witness testimony involves an expert and forensic judgment provided by an expert witness, or a highly-experienced member of the construction industry. They can speak on a variety of construction defect claims and other issues.
Highly-experienced individuals of the construction industry that understand all of the aspects of planning, executing, and managing a project are qualified to testify. Since expert witnesses are routinely scrutinized and cross-examined by the opposing attorneys, it’s important that a massively-experienced professional is chosen to avoid causing damage to your case.

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