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As experts in the industry, our team of professionals is able to handle all of your company’s construction scheduling needs, affording you greater efficiency and savings at every job site. HSE is a leading provider of construction scheduling and consulting for companies across the country. Our comprehensive services allow project managers greater control over schedules, allocation of resources, and project monitoring.

Our Scheduling Services include:

  • Master program scheduling
  • Contract time determination for project bids
  • Cost and resource loading of CPM scheduling
  • Construction phase scheduling
  • Completion and turnaround scheduling
  • Window and look-ahead scheduling
  • Periodic updating of schedules
  • Preparation of schedule reports
  • Design phase scheduling
  • Recovery scheduling
  • Review & analysis of existing cpm schedules
  • Analysis, preparation for delays and disruption claims
  • Schedule analysis
  • Progress completion verification (% complete)

We work with everyone from owners, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors on projects across a range of industries. Whether you need to craft a construction schedule from scratch or renovate a plan that has gone awry, HSE Contractors Inc. is able to assist you at any stage in the process. We will lend years of industry experience in order to get your project on track and equip your team with the insights and techniques necessary in order to complete construction on time and under budget.

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Our scheduling engineers are able to assess your current scheduling process and project progress, in order to leverage opportunities and mitigate apparent risks. As a result of our expert assessment, your project managers will be able to proactively make highly educated decisions that can be easily communicated and effectively justified to clients and stakeholders.

All of our scheduling professionals are fully versed in the Primavera software products and are able to create computerized plans that allow your entire team to collaborate on thousands of jobs simultaneously. We also offer construction scheduling training, all of which are designed to equip professionals with the practical tools necessary to wield the latest tools and optimize every project that comes along.

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CPM Scheduling

The HSE Contractors team utilizes the latest Critical Path Method CPM scheduling software including Primavera®, SureTrack®, Fast Track® and MS Project®. in order to compile a comprehensive understanding of your project components. This allows our scheduling engineers to deconstruct your project into critical and non-critical activities and then compile a step-by-step action plan. The resulting construction schedule reflects the greatest possible efficiency and the shortest possible project duration.

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If you are interested in creating an optimized construction schedule or speaking with one of our construction scheduling engineers
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