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When people think about the construction industry, the image is often of manual labor and outdated tools. But the construction industry is just as cutting edge as any other. Here at HSE, we make use of many of the most innovative technologies to improve efficiency, cost, and effectiveness.

One of those technologies is the HoloLens.

HoloLens augmented reality allows our clients, architects, engineers, and others to explore blueprints, models, and more in a fully interactive 3D environment. This augmented and mixed reality technology is a powerful new way of coordinating ideas, communicating about projects, and evaluating concepts before a single hammer is swung.

The use of HoloLens in construction projects is going to change how the industry does things, and we’re on the cutting edge of that change.

What Is HoloLens Technology?

Augmented Reality In Construction | HSE Contractors

HoloLens is a type of mixed reality technology created by Microsoft. This innovative new way of experiencing virtual reality uses a transparent visor that the user wears. When the user looks at something, the visor superimposes different images, text, blueprints, and other things on top of it. It creates what looks like a hologram, though only the people who are wearing these special visors can see the image. The lenses for the left and right eyes actually create slightly different images, which is why the user seems a fully 3D hologram.

HoloLens is…

  • A wearable computer that runs Windows 10
  • A stand-alone device that doesn’t need any other piece of technology to operate.
  • Wi-Fi ready and able to be used anywhere wireless internet is available.
  • Able to track the movements of the wearer, so no external sensors are needed.
  • Light-weight—the visor weighs less than 600 grams, which is about the weight of a standard basketball.
  • Able to take photos and video of the holographic images being viewed for use later.

Because the HoloLens operates on a rechargeable battery and needs no other equipment, we’re able to use them in the office, at the job site, and any other place our clients want to meet. Because multiple people can view the same holographic design, various architects, engineers, clients, accountants, and others can all work on the same project at the same time.

By using HoloLens, we’re able to transform how we do business. This leap forward in 3D design, collaboration, and productivity is changing our approach to projects from square one. We look forward to sharing this unique approach with all of our clients.

The Benefits of HoloLens in Construction

Augmented Reality Applications | HSE Contractors

The HoloLens allows us to transform how we approach planning, collaborating, and designing new projects. Instead of simply looking at a 2D blueprint or even a small 3D model made out of plastic, you’re able to walk through a virtual building. The HoloLens creates an augmented reality for construction site monitoring and documentation. You will be able to look at every room in a building, determining how it fits your needs and seeing if anything needs changing before construction begins.

This mixed virtual reality prototyping has a wide number of benefits:

  • Clients can see exactly what each building will look like before construction begins, saving thousands of dollars and weeks of time if something is determined to be wrong after construction starts.
  • The process is much more collaborative than ever before. Clients don’t need to know how to read blueprints or try to imagine what our architects are talking about—instead, they see everything as if they were in the building.
  • Furniture and other items can be added to the augmented reality model, allowing clients to truly see exactly how the rooms will be laid out. There’s no more guess work!

Interacting with these holograms in a mixed reality setting will forever change how projects are developed, and HSE is excited to be on the forefront of this new technology. It creates a new way to interact with content and models, and it feels incredibly natural.

What We Offer

Augmented Reality Construction Consultant | HSE Contractors

HSE has integrated HoloLens augmented reality construction tools into our general projects, allowing you to design, share, comment on, and approve your designs before we get started with the actual construction. While you could do this before with blueprints or models, using the HoloLens makes this easier and more accurate than ever before. In short, you can make better, more educated decisions and move through the design phase much more quickly than we ever could before.

Want to Learn More About the Use of Hololens in Construction?

Augmented Reality Construction Project | HSE Contractors

Are you ready to go beyond what a 2D render can do and enter the world of 3D augmented reality? We’re excited about the use of HoloLens in construction, and we hope you are, too. So step into the future of project design—contact us today for more information about using the HoloLens for your next construction project.

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