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We understand that limited time and funds are variables that can hurt your construction projects. This is why our services were created from the ground up to address your biggest problems. From professional construction scheduling services to estimating and risk analysis, we will help you streamline your project for improved revenue and on-time delivery! Don’t accept anything less than excellence. HSE will provide you different options and choices for you to choose from.

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Find the most profitable path to complete your project with our award-winning construction consulting services and on-demand competitive insights. Are you ready to bring your construction project to the next level?

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Find the most profitable path to complete your project with our award-winning construction consulting services and on-demand competitive insights. Are you ready to bring your construction project to the next level?

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HSE CPM Scheduling Locations

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We combine design, thinking and craft. We work on projects of all budgets. No Project Too Small.

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Project Management Solutions For:

Real Estate Owners:

At HSE Contractors, we understand the urgent need to accurately track the progress of a construction project. This helps our clients to avoid delays, save money, and better process claims submitted by contractors who continually ask for additional money and scheduling extensions. We can improve the scope of your project by identifying work and time gaps, and ultimately optimize the time-table of important construction activities to keep your project on schedule.

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Project Management Solutions Real Estate Owners | Hsecontractors.com


For more than 20 years, a majority of our clients have been general contractors. Over this span, we have helped contractors manage and fulfill the expectations of their subcontractors and owners. Our team helps study specifications and drawings of your project to determine an appropriate schedule, track the progress of subcontractors, and hold all crew members accountable for falling behind. Our insight and optimization tactics help contractors spearhead efficient projects.

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Project Management Solutions Contractors | Hsecontractors.com


Many subcontractors are indifferent to developing a tight schedule and instead rely on the general contractor to provide them with the dates to accordingly fill their schedule. Consequently, this creates overlaps that can hinder the completion of a project. Ideally, contractors and subcontractors should work together and not separately. Our team can quickly identify these issues, inform general contractors, and develop incentives for subcontractors to accelerate their completion.

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Project Management Solutions Subcontractors | Hsecontractors.com

Insurance Carriers

For insurance carriers, we provide cost-effective and timely solutions in the following areas: construction defect investigation, forensic engineering, litigation support, and damage assessment for complex, nationwide projects. Our expertise and insight can be valuable in making determinations for investigatory cases. We also provide consultation to help navigate our clients through the complicated mechanics of standard construction projects.

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Project Management Solutions Insurance Carriers | Hsecontractors.com

Law Firms

Understanding the details of a construction project can often be challenging for those that do not operate in the industry. This is why we are regularly called as a subject matter witness for various nationwide cases. We specialize in providing impartial and professional consultation and insight regarding construction matters in litigation. We work on both the ownership and the contractor’s side to handle all project disputes via forensic investigation, delay, and cost and claims analysis.

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Project Management Solutions Law Firms | Hsecontractors.com

Our Expert Opinion in the news

Exclusive Fox News Interview: HSE’s CEO Hany El Banna Discusses I-4 Ultimate Pothole Discovery and Resurfacing

In this exclusive Fox News interview, HSE’s CEO, Hany El Banna, provides crucial insights into the recent asphalt resurfacing and replacement efforts on the I-4 Ultimate project. The video delves into the unexpected discovery of a pothole in the center lane of I-4 Ultimate, specifically between Anderson Street and the 408 Expressway.

El Banna offers a comprehensive overview of the events leading up to the discovery, the subsequent actions taken, and the challenges faced during the resurfacing and replacement process. He sheds light on the technical aspects of the project, addressing questions about the issue. 

Stay informed about the latest developments on the I-4 Ultimate project by watching this exclusive Fox News interview with Hany El Banna, the CEO of HSE. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion about the challenges and solutions surrounding this critical infrastructure initiative.

Genuine and Professional Consultations From Proven Experts in CPM Scheduling

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CPM & Construction
Scheduling Consultants

We Specialize in Construction and CPM (Critical Path Method) Scheduling. We are proficient with Primavera SureTrak, P3, P3e/c, P6 and Microsoft Project.

HSE will accurately handle all your company’s construction scheduling needs in a time efficient manner. Our consultants will help plan out your entire project through its life cycle to fit in budget and foresee critical issues before occurrence.

It is important to choose a trusted company that offers cost effective and innovative solutions to work for your business. HSE Contractors Inc. has the proud experience to serve your needs.

HSE construction management Certifications | Hsecontractors.com
HSE Certifications | Hsecontractors.com

HSE Contractors is insured by the following professional liability policies,
up to $4,000,000 for our clients’ protection:

  • General Liability.
  • Workers Comp

Our Construction Scheduling
Services Include:

Construction Scheduling: With over 15 years of experience on job sites, our team is equipped to solve the challenges that arise throughout the construction process.

CPM Scheduling: The Critical Path Method allows your team to maximize efficiency, monitor progress, and accurately understand the scope of delays as soon as they arise.

Delay Analysis: The ability to quickly understanding the full impact and scope of delays is crucial to putting your project back on track and our team will provide detailed analyses to do just that.

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Why Choose HSE

We are Experienced Professionals: 20 years of construction and project management experience to help you develop a reliable CPM schedule.

Our Unbeatable Rate: Priced competitively to offer the most attractive choice for high quality service.

Quick turnaround: Developed Schedules submitted for your review one week on average before deadlines.

No Location is too remote: our team is spread nationwide wherever your project takes us.

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Customers Reviews

What Our Clients Say

  • Our client Skanska

    “Hany, your team did an excellent job working with our staff to develop our schedule. If the need arises again in the future you will be the first one we call.”

  • Our Client Disney World Resorts

    “Working with HSE was a great experience, a very professional and knowledgeable staff was provided and the confidence and quality in the deliverable was very high. You guys did an excellent job. Thank you again for your services.”
    Disney World Resort

  • Our Client Lockheed Martin

    “The training HSE provided was very valuable to me as we covered a lot of the analysis capabilities that Primavera can do.”
    Lockheed Martin

  • Our Client Jacobs Engineering

    “I worked with Hany on scheduling a $450M Design-Build under the time constraints of a bid proposal. His ability to utilize the tools available in Primavera to: filter, rearrange and code the activities, allowed us to quickly find ways to tighten our belt and confidently submit our contract days with minimal contingency.”
    Jacobs Engineering

  • Our Client Kiewit

    “HSE has done a fine job and we won’t be here without you.”

  • Our Client US Army

    “HSE has worked hard in a short period of time to map out the sequence of work to all stakeholders and brought up major issues to surface. Thanks to HSE, we have a clear visison of how to resolve these problems.”
    US Army

  • Our Client Walsh

    “Your boys did good! I put in the good word for you back east. Keep it up.”

  • Our Client PCL

    “HSE is very responsive and willing to do whatever it takes to deliver the desired product to their client. I’ve found their management to be very talented, as well as genuinely interested in the success of my project.”
    PCL Construction

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