HSE team are expert schedulers for USACE, NAVFAC, DOE, DOD, VA, GSA and many other Federal Agencies

HSE has a specialized project controls team with expertise in military construction and a track record of supporting multi-billion-dollar, mission-critical, and Mega Projects for U.S. agencies nationwide.

We focus on working for General Contractors for which we focus on expediting their successful execution of the unique schedule requirements for military and federal construction projects.

HSE’s consulting support services help our clients navigate and execute the unique schedule requirements for military and federal construction, including projects administered by:

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Why is it important to worry about schedule compliance for government jobs?

Since the schedule is tied directly to progress payments, the government can reject payment to the contractor or withhold if the schedule fails to comply with the requirements of the specification and contract.

If the contractor fails to submit a contract-compliant schedule, the government may withhold progress payments until the schedule is submitted, reviewed, and found to be compliant with the contract.


Role of USACE’s Cost-Loaded Schedule

The cost-loaded project schedule serves as the basis of progress payments

This is defined in the standard UFGS 01 32 01.00 10 (typically USACE) and 01 32 17.00 20 (typically NAVFAC) specifications as shown in the snapshots below.


The cost-loaded schedule serves the following functions:

Determines Progress Payments: As the construction contractor performs the work and statues the schedule activities with government concurrence, the cost-loaded activities add up to total the progress payment amounts.

Provides Placement Projections: The cost-loaded schedule allows the creation of the S-Curve, a chart that captures earnings over time. The S-Curve visually shows the schedule’s overall cost distributions as well as placement projections.


Do we need to establish connection between the schedule and submittal register?

Linking the schedule to the submittal register in RMS to auto-populate and auto-update the “Contractor Schedule Dates” columns provides the contractor and government teams visibility, reducing the risk of delays from late or overlooked submittals.

RMS Submittal Register “Contractor Schedule Dates” Columns

There are two ways to maintain these columns: either by manually populating and updating them each month, or by linking the schedule to the submittal register in RMS, which automatically populates and updates the columns whenever a new schedule is uploaded to RMS.



UFGS 01 33 00 Submittal Register

UFGS 01 33 00 Submittal Register

1.9.3 describes the contractor “need-by” dates for submittals, approvals, and materials as columns g, h, and i.



Requirement for Populated “Contractor Schedule Dates” in  USACE RMS Submittal Register

The requirement for the contractor to populate these “Contractor Schedule Dates” columns in the Submittal Register is described in the standard UFGS 01 33 00 Submittal Register specification section as shown below.

1.9.1 requires contractors to oversee project submittals by maintaining a complete submittal register, with all columns and associated dates.

In summary, HSE has successfully managed challenging schedules and obtained approvals on first round on many small and complex military and federal construction projects nationwide. For support, contact us today.

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