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Many people are familiar with the presentation in which a statement is told to someone and the facts of the statement are twisted up and misconstrued as it’s communicated to other people. This happens quite often on a daily basis in the design and construction industry.

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Unfortunately, with several million and even billions of budget dollars on the line, communication mishaps happen when they are jeopardizing big dollar amounts. This can lead to the waste in resources and funds, cause excessive delays, a loss of team morale, and a complete disregard for ownership interest.

All of these losses are disastrous for expensive real estate projects and should be carefully avoided. At HSE Contractors, we specialize in rendering owner’s construction representative services to ensure that real estate projects are kept on time and on budget in accord with the strict demands on the ownership group.

About HSE Contractors

With several decades of combined experience in the design and construction industry, HSE Contractors is one of the fastest-growing project management corporations in the United States.

We take pride in offering professional consultant services in CPM scheduling and planning to our clients. Our team consists of engineers, schedulers, designers, claims consultants, and managers that all have diverse experience in building and estimating bids, to building and managing on-site work.

A trademark of our company is our cost-effective construction planning services to assist real estate developers, designers, contractors, owners, and other clients in achieving the ideal execution of their project’s development. This is what representative services are all about.

What are Owner’s Representative Construction Services?

Owner’s representative construction services entail a liaison that acts as the bridge between the ownership group and the entire construction team. The provider of these representative services is responsible for communicating the exact preferences and interests of the ownership group to the rest of the construction team.

With communication issues being at the forefront of scheduling delays, financial difficulties, and other project concerns, these representative services are beneficial for maintaining ownership interest and the benefit of everyone involved in a project.

How We Can Help

At HSE Contractors, we do more than just managing the clear communication from ownership to project management teams. We invest fully in your project by providing helpful services throughout its life cycle to ensure success.


Project Planning:

  • Preparing the program summary document with owner approval.
  • Developing an extensive project budget with owner approval.
  • Producing a comprehensive plan for communication and ownership approvals.

Procurement and Bidding

  • Coordinating the delivery of project materials.
  • Conducting the selection of management and contractors.
  • Managing the entire bidding process.


Project Start-Up:

  • Setting up and applying management project control systems.
  • Implementing cash flow projections according to budget.
  • Establishing management communication protocols

Construction and Installation:

  • Monitoring the management of all on-site activities.
  • Review and prepare all invoices.
  • Negotiate all change order payment amounts according to budget.

Project Close-Out

  • Expedite final inspections.
  • Manage correction of punch list items.
  • Review and submit documentation to management for completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding construction management services? If so, please refer to the following FAQs for more information.

An owner representative is an individual who acts on the behalf and interest of the ownership group.
From the ownership group, demands and precise specifications become lost. Over time, project managers act on their own interests, contractors follow, and subcontractors are confused. Hiring an owner representative will allow messages from the ownership group to be transferred to construction team members on a daily basis. The owner’s needs are important and must be met at all costs. This is why construction management services are essential.
The cost for owner’s representative services ultimately depends on the provider and your contract. Give us a call at 1-888-398-8293 to request a quote from our company about our construction management services.


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To speak to a member of our team about our owner’s representative construction services, give us a call at 1-888-398-8293 to learn more about how we can help you today.

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