Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train

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Project at a Glance

Location: Napa, CA
Value: $65 M
General Contractor: Suulutaaq, Inc.
Owner: USACE

Project Overview:

Napa Valley Wine Train (NVWT) is a $65M Segment 3 Railroad Relocation project which was performed in downtown Napa, CA.

The work to be performed under this project consists of providing the labor, equipment, and materials to relocate existing railway facilities including the removal of one railroad bridge, removal of two building structures and miscellaneous facility demolition; construction of two new railroad bridges (one bridge over the Napa River), a segment of new railway that is approximately 35-feet from and 3-feet higher than the existing railway, and at-grade roadway crossing facilities: reconstruction of the streets and sidewalks including construction of retaining walls, stairs and ramps, reconstruction of private driveways and walkways, relocation of existing underground utilities including domestic water, sanitary sewer, storm drain and electrical facilities. Construction of new storm drainage facilities and street lighting; landscaping and irrigation; temporary facilities and all other work.

As shown within the contract. The work also consists of demolition and clearing, hazardous materials removal, earthwork, site work, rail work, concrete, precast concrete, asphalt concrete, metal work, utility work and plumbing, landscaping, electrical, and other items defined within the contract documents.

HSE provided Suulutaaq, Inc with all CPM scheduling submittals to provide to the USACE.


– Prepare a Complete a cost/resource loaded Baseline schedule.
– Develop a monthly schedule update about project progress.
– Perform a time impact analysis needed to measure the impact of unscheduled delays.
– Interact and report directly to the USACE with construction status.

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