Repair Chilled Water Plants

Repair Chilled Water Plants

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Project at a Glance

Location: Twentynine Palms, CA
Value: $4,860,000
General Contractor: Countywide Mechanical Systems Inc.

Project Overview:

The purpose of this project was to replace the chillers, cooling towers and pumping systems at building 1145 (Hospital) Replace the entire chilled water plant at the Robert E Burns Hospital at MCAGCC, 29 PALMS, scope of work included:

– Replacement and resizing of the existing HVAC system to provide the required capacity for the hospital.
– Replacement of piping, and related appurtenances and support systems including, but not limited to the water cooled chiller, all chilled water (CHW) piping and related insulation, chilled water pumps, exhaust fans, cooling towers, VFD’s and DDC.
– Provide new direct digital control (DDC) systems to accommodate new HVAC system arrangements.
– Modification to existing electrical systems and circuits to accommodate the HVAC system improvements.
Repair of related building construction including ceiling systems and exterior enclosures as necessary to provide the required access and accomplish the work.

HSE Contractors is also working on other Task orders for Countywide Mechanical Systems Inc:

– HVAC/DDC replacement, Miramar (T 003)
– Repair Projects from Base Energy Audits project (T004)
– 29 Palms DDC Replacement (T006)
– Boiler Replacement NASM Monitor (T007)

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