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Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, Ventura County

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, Ventura County

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Project at a Glance

Location: Port Hueneme, CA
Value: $5.75 M

Project Overview:

This project will repair deteriorated facility systems within PH1184 that is used by enlisted personnel, E1 through E4 who are “Class A” students training at NBVC. BEQ PH1184 will be repaired and modernized to meet current configuration guidance and safety criteria. This project will repair architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems throughout the building including deteriorated flooring, walls, ceiling, doors, windows, soffits and stairs. In addition it will replace the transformer, panels, conduits, wiring, and lighting complying with the current electrical codes and energy efficiency standards and will also remove hazardous materials including lead and asbestos. The building’s interior and exterior will be painted and the roof will be repaired. Installation of an air conditioning system will be included in this project as an option.

HSE prepared a cost loaded network analysis schedule for the construction phase of this project for Hal Hays Construction, Inc.

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