USACE – Renovate VAQ B5101 & B5102

USACE – Renovate VAQ B5101 & B5102

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Project at a Glance

Location: Westover ARB, MA
Value: $16 M
General Contractor: Eastern General Contractors, Inc.
Owner: USACE

Project Overview:

Renovate VAQ B5101 & B5102 CPM Scheduling

The work consists of furnishing and installing temporary and permanent soil surface erosion control materials to prevent the pollution of air, water, and land, including fine grading, blanketing, stapling, mulching, vegetative measures, structural measures, and miscellaneous related work, within project limits and in areas outside the project limits where the soil surface is disturbed from work under this contract at the designated locations. This work includes all necessary materials, labor, supervision and equipment for installation of a complete system. Submit a listing of equipment to be used for the application of erosion control materials. Complete back-filling the openings in synthetic grid systems and articulating cellular concrete block systems a maximum 7 days after placement to protect the material from ultraviolet radiation.

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