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Modification of the Ares-I Mobile Launcher for Space Launch System

Modification of the Ares-I Mobile Launcher for Space Launch System

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Project at a Glance

Location: Kennedy Space Center, FL
Value: $20.7 M
Owner: NASA

Project Overview:

The work to be performed under this contract requires providing the labor, equipment, and materials to deconstruct and modify the existing Ares-I Mobile Launcher (ML) for the new Space Launch System (SLS).

The work consists of removal and storage of existing system components, equipment, and materials for reuse/reinstallation; demolition of system components and structure not to be reused; modification of structural elements and installation of new structural elements; reinstallation of salvaged equipment and materials, and installation of new systems, equipment, and materials.

Heavy structural demolition and construction is to be performed on

Approximately half of the existing ML base (MLB). Temporary foundations and shoring will be required to support the remaining MLB and ML tower (MLT) structure during deconstruction/demolition and reconstruction.

Modifications to the MLT Electrical Equipment Rooms include removal and modification of Air Conditioning ductwork, and electrical and communication cable trays, and relocation of lighting fixtures.

Accurate weights of all items and material removed from the ML and all

Items and material installed on or in the ML shall be determined,

Documented, and provided for record.

The primary deconstruction, demolition, and construction site is the ML Park Site #3 at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

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