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Repair/Upgrade Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems

Repair/Upgrade Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems

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Project at a Glance

Location: New Boston Air Force Station, NH
Value: $10M
General Contractor: ECC Corporate
Owner: Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Project Overview:

New Boston FA/FS Sys Upgrade/Repair

Fire alarm and fire suppression upgrade project in 15 buildings at New Boston Air Force Station in NH with an approved baseline schedule containing approximately 450 activities. The new Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) is connected to existing New Boston Air Force Station (NBAFS) communication infrastructure with an additional length of fiber optic cable installed in innerduct conduit. This will allow for a fiber optic cable connection from each building’s FACP all the way to the B100 Master FACP. Install new Very-Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) systems in some areas.

The work included the installation of a new FACP panel in B148 to provide fire alarm monitoring and notification for the B148 structure as well as future expansion of up to five trailers in the area. Additional civil work, conduit, wiring, devices, and programming required to connect the trailers to the B148 FACP. The new B148 FACP is connected back to B100 Master FACP over existing fiber optic cable.

New Boston FA/FS Sys Upgrade/Repair – Update (Time Impact)

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