HVAC/DDC Replacement, Miramar

HVAC/DDC Replacement, Miramar

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Project at a Glance

Location: San Diego, CA
Value: $11,996,313
General Contractor: Countywide Mechanical Systems Inc.

Project Overview:

This project Includes repair, replacement, upgrade, and retro commissioning of HVAC equipment and controls in 19 buildings located throughout MCAS, Miramar. The replacement work includes rooftop units, four pipe fan coils, exhaust fans, boilers, and chillers as well as portions of associated ductwork, piping, and supports. The repair scope includes replacement of built-up air handling unit components, economizer repair, sensor/actuator replacement, and piping insulation repair. The project scope includes energy efficiency upgrades including constant to variable flow conversions, chiller upgrades, and compressor retrofits. HSE Contractors is also working on other Task orders for Countywide Mechanical Systems Inc.

– Repair Projects from Base Energy Audits project (T004)
– Repair Chilled Water Plants (T005)
– 29 Palms DDC Replacement (T006)
– Boiler Replacement NASM Monitor (T007)

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