VA Washington Crossing National Cemetery (PA)

VA Washington Crossing National Cemetery (PA)

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Project at a Glance

Location: Newtown, PA
Value: $18 M
Owner: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Project Overview:

A new 205-acres national cemetery in southeastern Pennsylvania that will serve veterans’ needs for the next 50 years. The cemetery is located in Bucks County, north of the city of Philadelphia, about three miles northwest of Interstate 95, and less than three miles from Washington Crossing Historic Park. When completed, the 64-acre Phase 1 development will provide 15,500 full casket gravesites, including 15,100 pre-placed crypts, and 6,500 in-ground cremation sites and 4,100 columbarium niches. The new cemetery will also include an administration and public information center complex and public restrooms, a maintenance facility, a cemetery entrance area, a flag assembly area, and committal shelters for funeral services. Other infrastructure design elements include roadways, landscaping, utilities, and irrigation. HSE was in charge of developing and updating a detailed schedule for all work related to the Crypt Field, Maintenance Building, PIC and Administrative Buildings, Committal Shelters, Columbarium Plaza, Memorial Wall/Assembly Area, Irrigation and landscaping.

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