How We Work

To keep the project on track at all times, from Bid to Project Completion, HSE works diligently to accommodate the unique scheduling needs of our clients. our processes are flexible, the most common steps used to establish a construction critical path partnership with us are simply as follows:

  1. Contact us and send the documents that define the scope of work (drawings, specifications and any other pertinent documentation).
  2. Within one Business Day of receiving the plans we will send you a questionnaire to answer about the project, followed by our quote, expected completion date, and a professional services agreement.
  3. Once HSE receives the signed professional services agreement, we immediately begin performing the work. The first draft will be sent to you for review and followed up with a phone call to discuss any necessary adjustments to be incorporated into the final product.

NOTE: The quote to our customers is 100%-risk free! First, you do not pay anything until the schedule is completed. Second, HSE absorbs the cost it takes more man-hours than expected to develop a quality first draft. In fact, the price will never exceed the initial proposed amount unless client-requested modifications to the first draft surpass 10 hours of work, at which time a proposal addendum will be necessary.

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Complimentary Services:

  1. Every submittal is reviewed in detail using a customized checklist.
    HSE doesn’t submit any baseline packages, updates, reviews, or delay analysis until a second engineer goes through a checklist of 25 criteria specifically customized for your project to avoid any mistakes. The fresh set of eyes reviews the work thoroughly before it is submitted to speed up the approval time by making sure we incorporate all of the meeting notes and requests made by the owner, in addition to complying with all the specifications requirements. A copy of a checklist will be submitted to you for review with every submittal if requested.
  2. HSE produces reports beyond those required in the specs to raise any red flags.
    HSE always employs creative methods of adding value to your project, so we develop what we like to call an “Extra Report”. An Extra report is a proactive mechanism in which HSE goes beyond the minimum specification-required reports and analyzes the results of the schedule from our perspective to give you professional advice about specific issues or red flags that requires the project team’s attention.
  3. HSE develops a customized project schedule website.
    For the easier flow of information, HSE also publishes a project website for your schedule to allow other members working on the project to see their schedule activities and dates without the need to have any scheduling software, yet you are still in control of who receives the information.

Work with HSE CPM Scheduling Consultants

HSE Contractors stand behind our work 100% and always strive to satisfy the customer. We make every effort to establish long and prosperous relationships with our clients by adding value to your construction project schedule through excellence in service. HSE CPM schedulers can significantly contribute throughout the construction project to help keep it on track at all times.


  • Outsourcing – Provides relief and knowledge enhancement to your project management staff, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.
  • One-stop Shop – Our in-house, diversified management team and subject experts provide a full array of project management services. Click Here for a discussion of services.
  • Quick Turnaround and Realistic Scheduling Results – Within 7 to 10 days of signing we will deliver and meet submission requirement deadlines.
  • Responsiveness – Contact HSE via phone or email will result in an immediate response and your concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.
  • Single Point of Contact (POC) – We will provide our clients with a primary POC to simplify the lines of communication and to give them one informed person with whom to call regarding all issues with their portfolio.
  • Commitment – We will make time to fully and accurately understand our clients’ unique business needs and relate them to the project.
  • Knowledgeable – Our background covers all elements of construction, from building and managing work in the field to estimating and preparing bids, all contributing to our breadth of knowledge regarding technical details, specs and scheduling requirements.
  • Experienced – We have worked directly with a multitude of project owners, different project types, different delivery methods and diversified company methods.
  • Professional – We are professional schedulers and consultants who are able to execute your requirements with the correct level of detail, in much less time than other firms.
  • Attention to Detail – We see the work through from conception to completion, coordinating subcontracting work, permitting, submittal approvals and the procurement chain to provide a comprehensive schedule that you can rely on to manage your project.
  • Resource Loading – Our schedules reflect your unique crew, equipment, subcontractors and material capabilities needed for the project.
  • Flexibility – We will continue to use the best and most appropriate elements of the services offered from clients’ existing advisors if required, thereby maintaining continuity of information and contacts where appropriate. If you have an already-developed schedule on Microsoft Project, SureTrak or a handwritten schedule, we will use it to provide the final product that you are looking for.
  • Security and Loyalty – We are a team and fully acquainted with confidentiality issues and client needs, particularly with due diligence exercises. Most of our clients are repeat customers who have previously experienced the value of working with HSE.
  • Friendly Professional Service – We pride ourselves on maintaining good working relationships with clients. You can expect a flexible consultant who knows a great deal about the art of listening and understanding the client’s needs.
  • Company Staffing Costs – HSE is only onboard when needed and are not a fixed cost whether needed or not as is an in-house/on staff consultant; clients simply pay for what they need and use without overhead costs. It is our job to ensure that the value we bring to the client far exceeds the costs of our services.
  • Risk Free – HSE Contractors’ services are risk free since you do not pay anything until you are completely satisfied with the final product.
  • Delivery of Successful Projects – Using our expertise, commitment and hands-on project management teamwork, clients receive on-time, within budget and a quality-controlled product.
  • Long Term Relationships – Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients by providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.


Long Term Relationships

As Merriam Webster Defines “Expert” as: “one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject”

As a highly experienced group of construction and project management professionals with over 15 HSE years in the industry, our team at HSE Contractors has come together to form one of the leading construction claim schedule consultants in the industry. By combining state-of-the-art technology with the experience and in-depth knowledge of our team members, we have been able to build a consulting solution that construction contractors and others can utilize in order to streamline their projects, and at the same time, make their business more profitable. We believe the above supports our opinion.

As an expert innovator and leader in the world of CPM scheduling, HSE’s objective is to keep our clients on task and within budget in order to ensure successful projects, and through that, a successful business.

HSE Contractors believes in delivering our services meeting the following attributes:

  • A swift turnaround on scheduling and planning
  • Realistic scheduling
  • Effective and succinct communication – Our team is highly responsive and accessible via phone or email without fail.
  • Educated approach to planning and scheduling – We have the Experience. We understand the importance of committing the proper amount of time and resources needed in order to deliver accurate and effective results.
  • Professionalism – This attribute needs to be taken seriously by all. There’s a lot on the line and we aim to please every single time we work with one of our clients as professionals.
  • Our clients experience a risk free collaborative environment as it is our policy that our clients are not obligated to pay for our products and services until they are satisfied with the end product.

For these reasons and many more, our clients can find a great deal of benefit in working with our team in order to run successful projects. Successful projects lead to a successful company.

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CPM Scheduling Costs and Fees

To receive a quote, call 321-443-2170. Email us your plans. After reviewing the plans, we will provide you with a detailed estimate and a completion date. The advantage of using HSE is that we are professional schedulers who are able to execute your requirements with great detail in much less time than someone without our planning experience.

You will not remit payment until you are satisfied with the final product, so HSE Contractors’ services are risk-free.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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