Construction Claims Preparation

Your construction project will likely experience a dispute regardless of the size or complexity. This means that your construction project will need the guidance of an expert construction claims management services.

HSE Contractors will stand by you and handle all the heavy lifting for construction claims preparation and presentation. We use our years of experience and knowledge to ensure your construction claim is handled properly from beginning to end.

Our goal is to keep your construction claims out of the courtroom, but should it be deemed necessary; Our knowledgeable construction claims experts will work for your interests during the entire process, and all phases of the construction claim preparation and presentation.

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Construction Claims Management For You

The process for construction claims management is a long and very tiring process. If after thorough evaluation your construction claim merits further action, our professional construction claims team will work with you to take appropriate action. We will immediately research, organize, and review the evidence for your claim.

Construction claims tend to be technically complex and factually intensive. This means that claims preparation costs will vary based on your situation, but it is always best to be prepared for litigation should your claim elevate.

HSE Contractors experts can assist you with construction claims preparation and presentation in the following ways:

  • Scope Changes
  • Schedule Delay and Disruption
  • Termination Claims
  • Delay Claims
  • Cost of Corrective Work
  • Tort Claims
  • Construction Means and Methods
  • Management Issues
  • Assessment of Force Majeure Events
  • Defective and Deficient Contract Documents
  • Constructive and Directed Change
  • Construction Acceleration
  • Construction Claim Presentation and Negotiation

As one of the fastest-growing scheduling and project management corporations in the United States, HSE Contractors has the skills and knowledge to all your construction claims needs. We will work with you during each stage to guide you through the construction claims management process to ensure your project and interests are represented in the best ways possible.

Our experts will work with you to research, review, and present your construction claims with your interests in mind. Our Construction Claims team will put all our time and resources to your case to keep your project moving as quickly as possible and get your project back on track.

windows delay analysis

HSE services that will help your construction claims process include:

  • Claim evaluation and quantification
  • Construction productivity loss
  • Construction defect evaluation
  • Damage evaluations
  • Standard of care for construction professionals
  • Arbitration and mediation support
  • Consulting experts
  • Expert witness testimony

HSE Contractors, Inc. has the experience and knowledge you need to receive industry-leading consulting for construction claims management no matter the size, scope, or location of your project. Give us a call to talk with one of our consultants today! Contact Us >.

HSE Contractors, Inc. offers industry-leading services to ensure timely and accurate construction projects. Our primary consulting management services include:

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