Time Impact Analysis Claims For Your Project

A Time Impact Analysis (TIA) is a technique used to estimate the impact that changes will have on your project schedule. The purpose of this analysis is to determine how past delays and other activities will impact your construction project.

Our experienced team of construction delay consultants can prospectively point out delays and propose changes to ensure your project stays on schedule. While construction professionals refer to Time Impact Analysis by different names, HSE Contractors, Inc. has years of experience with all types of time impact analysis methods including:

  • Time Impact Evaluation
  • Modeled, Additive, Single & Multiple Base Analysis
  • Impacted As-Planned
  • Impacted Baseline
  • Impacted Update Analysis
  • Fragnet Analysis
  • Fragnet Insertion
Time impact analysis

How Can Our Time Impact Analysis Consultants Help You

HSE Contractors, Inc. is a trusted construction expert and known throughout the world for our experience with Time Impact Analysis Claims. One of our primary practice areas involves Construction Time Impact Evaluation Scheduling Analysis.

Our Time Impact Analysis Claim Consultants will review a party’s performance and use industry standard means and methods to identify, quantify and prepare TIA claims for time extensions or to substantiate delays. Your consultant will perform several steps including:

  • Contract analysis
  • Review & validate/compile as-planned schedule
  • Insert fragnet of activities representing delays into reasonable as-planned schedule
  • Constructability review of impacted schedule
  • Identify variances between planned & impacted schedules
  • Causation analysis
  • Identification, quantification & apportionment

Preparation And Insight For Your Project

Don’t let unexpected delays hold your project back. With HSE Contractors, Inc. you will have industry-leading Time Impact Analysis Delay Claim Consultants who know construction first-hand. As a result, your project managers will have a true time impact and delay analysis to make business and operational decisions. Contact Us >.

HSE Contractors, Inc. offers industry-leading services to ensure timely and accurate construction projects. Our primary consulting management services include:

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