Primavera P3 Training

Rather than slaving over software manuals or submitting your project to the risks of trial-and-error, investing in professionalPrimavera P3 Training can set your team up for success from day one. The HSE team of expert trainers makes software implementation easy and will work closely with your team to meet the needs of your project’s unique limitations and goals.

What is Primavera P3?

Primavera project planner 3 (otherwise known as P3) is a multi-project planning software allows users to highly complex projects, deconstruct them into individual activities, allocate resources, manage timelines, and produce reports. Primavera P3 offers a variety of tools that keep you in control of your construction project from the very beginning.

While P3 is not the latest version of the Primavera software, a thorough knowledge of P3 provides a solid baseline for teams looking to implement P6 at a later date.

Primavera P3 Training

Our construction scheduling trainers will take your team through a hands-on course in which you will create and track a project from conception through completion. From P3 novices to those with only a basic working knowledge of the program, all students will walk away with a thorough understanding of the software’s capabilities as well as scheduling techniques and tricks to make daily usage more effective and efficient. Upon completion of our Primavera P3 Training, your team will be able to plan, schedule, cost estimate, and generate a variety of critical reports.

As with all of our construction scheduling training, P3 courses are available in a variety of formats that are sure to meet your needs:

  1. Online Consulting
  2. Scheduled Training
  3. On-site Training

In addition to hands-on training courses, HSE Contractors also provides 5 hours of technical support for 3 months following completion of a Primavera training course. During this period our trainers are available to answer any software related questions and address issues unique to your projects.

If you have any questions about availability of the training, fees, or content, please contact us via email, telephone (407-284-1913) or by live chatting with one of our representatives.


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