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Building information modeling (BIM) is critically important for the successful execution of complex projects. If in-house CAD software skills aren’t effective enough, then the best solution is to use BIM outsourcing services for construction and building maintenance projects.

Our BIM outsourcing services include the following

  • MEP and HVAC BIM
  • Architectural BIM
  • Structural BIM
  • Steel detailing
  • BIM for civil engineering & infrastructure

Benefits of BIM outsourcing services

It’s easy to see the benefits of outsourced business modeling. But first, it’s important to understand that BIM is far more than just a 3D technology or CAD software.

Instead, it’s a comprehensive 5D process for visualizing and managing all project information in one place. This process creates a Building Information Model with interrelated digital descriptions for each physical aspect of the project.

BIM Outsourcing Services | HSEContractors

Information modeling lets you build a project virtually before physical construction begins. This is the most cost-effective way to discover and avoid expensive design errors and construction problems early in the development process.

  • Improve communication and productivity across the entire team
  • Reduce costs and mitigate risks, deliver the project on-budget
  • Visualize everything pre-construction
  • Speed up scheduling and sequencing, ensure on-time delivery
  • Coordinate contractors and detect construction clashes and scheduling conflicts

Improve communication

Digital business models let your team reduce costs and mitigate risks through better communication. You can plan, share, update, and collaborate in ways that ordinary sets of shop drawings can’t match.

For example, modeling offers great tools for construction cost estimations. By relying on our modeling and CPM scheduling services, you can focus on higher-value factors such as streamlining construction assemblies and identifying risks.

Reduce cost and mitigate risk

Beyond the cost reductions, modeling also mitigates the risks. It can reduce insurance costs and tender-risk premiums, as well as reduce the chance of claims resulting from operations. Related benefits include reducing the waste of unused materials on the job site, and meeting sustainability goals.

Visualize everything pre-construction

The best way to visualize complex construction projects is to look at 3D visualizations and space-use simulations long before the first shovel touches dirt. BIM outsourcing lets you make those pre-construction changes early enough to avoid costly redos later.

Speed up scheduling and sequencing

The quickest way to trim project costs is with better scheduling of contractors. Proper sequencing of tasks helps avoid delays and scheduling conflicts that erode construction budgets.

Coordinate contractors and detect construction clashes

Outsourced BIM services let you coordinate the work among tradespeople and sub-contractors according to the most effective time tables. Our BIM and CPM scheduling services can detect and help resolve costly construction clashes.

For example, modeling before the start of construction is the quickest, clearest way to answer important questions like these:

  • Will a building’s electrical conduit lines clash with the steel beam architecture?
  • Is there enough clearance around each doorway?
  • Will a building expansion project fit well within an existing site?

Our BIM services integrate multiple engineering disciplines and cover the entire range of business modeling

We provide comprehensive services, ranging from architectural and structural modeling to MEP and HVAC BIM analysis, as well as steel detailing. Our BIM services help structural engineers make better decisions about designs and materials, and we automate the documentation process. 

With our modeling services, you’ll have better collaboration and execution. That means faster project delivery for satisfied stakeholders.

Partner with HSE Contractors

When you’re managing the challenges of a complex construction project, the best solution is to work with an experienced partner like HSE Contractors. We bring the expertise that can help you avoid costly design errors and construction delays.

Our team uses the most advanced 3D modeling software to detect design issues and construction clashes. We transform ordinary blueprints, drawings, and plans into a winning BIM that shows rich details with clean layers and easy documentation. Most importantly, we make sure that complex projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with flawless execution.

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