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  • Knowledge of technical details specifications and scheduling requirements.
  • Relief to your project management staff, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.
  • Smart scheduling providing fewer,meaningful activities with clear descriptions, locations, phases and crew assignments.
  • Office locations in most major US cities Our strategic locations make it easier for our schedulers to be closer to your project.
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At HSE Contractors, we build the best business information models for the building construction industry. Our expert team uses a comprehensive process to quickly detect clashes and help resolve issues across all aspects of a construction project:

  • Architectural planning and design
  • Structural engineering
  • MEP engineering

Benefits of clash detection services and MEP coordination services

  • Fast, effective clash detection in real-time
  • Easier construction projects with clash-free designs
  • A single, simple platform for collaboration
  • Better trade scheduling
  • Easier to visualize changes
  • Save time and money

During any complex construction project, there are clashes and conflicts simply because multiple disciplines are sharing their work in the same physical design space. Clashes can happen for many reasons: Sometimes there is a lack of buffer space around equipment, or there’s a conflict because of workflow and trades scheduling.

Clashes slow down the workflow and increase the costs. That’s why clash detection brings benefits for all stakeholders. 

We use BIM tools including Navisworks to help speed up the workflow. This reduces expenses and turnaround times while saving otherwise-wasted materials and labor. 

Our clash detection services also make the job site safer. That’s because expert BIM coordination can help avoid trade-scheduling conflicts and ease the time pressure felt by all stakeholders.

Our proven BIM coordination and collaboration capabilities

The construction industry continues to evolve rapidly, and we’re on the leading edge of coordination and collaboration technologies. Shop drawings on paper evolved into 2D Autodesk and other CAD models during the 1960s, and then into 3D representations of real-world projects by the 1980s.

Today, we’re using 5D modeling for our BIM and MEP coordination services, with advanced clash detection and collision avoidance tools. We help engineers, architects, and builders focus on their core competencies.

We provide comprehensive modeling and Common Data Environment (CDE) with all applicable software standards. We make it easy for architects and engineers to coordinate their work while focusing on core competencies.

Our BIM outsourcing services coordinate between the disciplines of structural engineering, MEP and HVAC engineering, as well as architectural planning and design. This is the key to success in resolving nearly all design and construction issues.

Partner with HSE Contractors

Every successful project has a winning team behind it. When you partner with HSE Contractors, you’re working with the industry leader in CPM scheduling and construction management. 

Teamwork means helping architects, engineers, builders, and other experienced professionals focus on doing what they do best. As a member of the project team, our 3D BIM coordination services can empower other team members to keep complex construction projects on time and on budget.

CPM Schedule Sample Reports

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