WEWork/WeLive 110 Wall Street

WEWork/WeLive 110 Wall Street

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Project at a Glance

Location: NYC, NY
Value: $66M
General Contractor: Sweet Construction Inc.
Owner: WEWork/WeLive

Project Overview:

WEWork/WeLive 110 Wall Street CPM Scheduling

The Project is located in New York City at 110 Wall Street, new York, NY 10005. With a lot area that exceeds 13,000 ft2 above which a 28 floor building is existing. The building occupying 110 Wall Street lot is extending 27 floors above a cellar floor in addition to mechanical floors in level 28 & 29.The building is currently occupied with offices and apartments and suites. The fact been an already occupied building imposes several precautions to be taken into consideration during creating the construction time schedule. The Scope work comprises four main phases or in other words four sub projects.

HSE’ responsibility for this project was to develop the construction manager’s schedule as required, the Critical path that runs through the project phases as follows:
Starting from Bids due date to owner in the infrastructure scope of work, the procurement phase is forming the main path for criticality where shop drawing submission and approvals for steel structure and succeeding fabrication and delivery then installation are critical tasks to the project due it will be second phase of work after demolition tasks are done and without completion of such phase all succeeding tasks cannot start (i.e. Duct works, CHWP,…etc)

In addition to above, steel structure installation for risers is of extreme criticality due to succeed works for ME&P riser’s tasks where it is necessary to have such steel structure for pipes and ducts been hanged to it. Afterward, Chilled water pipes risers and Freon / oil reclaim and AC ducts are driving the critical path where it’s essential to finish this type of work prior to the start of summer season as the building is a closed circuit and AC must be operational in early August. Another critical path goes through the Vertical transportation tasks as it is required to be on duty within a short period for both passenger and service elevators.

Despite the fact that the longest path goes through the Infrastructure scope of work, but still other project phases have their own participation in critical path. It worth noting that the WeLive scope of work forms a parallel critical path to above mention path ( the one going through infrastructure) as the WeLive tasks are done in the same time with the infrastructure tasks and same in floors ( from level 7 to Level 27), whilst a longer path goes through the welive ( levels from 7 to 27).

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