San Diego International Airport – Runway 9 Displaced Threshold Relocation

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Project at a Glance

Location: San Diego, CA
Value: $2 M
General Contractor: Ensley Electric, Inc.
Owner: San Diego International Airport

Project Overview:

San Diego International Airport CPM Scheduling

The project, in general, includes reconfiguration of runway lighting, pavement markings, and modification of MALSR (Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights) infrastructure such as ducts, conduits, handholes and base cans to accommodate displacement of Runway 9 threshold 300-feet to the east to facilitate improved aircraft landing approaches.

The work consists of:
a. Installation of new In-Pavement Displaced Threshold Lights at the relocated displaced threshold.
b. Reconfiguration of colored lenses on existing runway edge lights.
c. Replacement of existing runway centerline lights within the relocated Runway 9 displaced threshold and within the existing Runway 27 displaced threshold with Owner furnished fixtures and Contractor furnished isolation transformers.
d. Reconfiguration of touchdown zone (TDZ)
e. Construction of electrical infrastructure to support the modification of the airfield lighting controls system (ALCS).
f. Reconfiguration of Runway 9 FAA Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR) infrastructure.
g. Removal of existing threshold markings, touchdown markings.
h. Installation of new threshold markings, touchdown markings.
i. Decoupling of the Runway 27 and 9 Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System (MALS) and coincident centerline lights by installing dedicated power circuits and new approach lighting system.
j. Coordinate and perform system testing and commissioning.
k. All punch list and closeout work.
l. Modifications to the Airfield Lighting Control System (ALCS).

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