Kensico Watershed Stormwater Management Facility

Kensico Watershed Stormwater Management Facility

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Project at a Glance

Location: New York, NY
Value: $3.6 M

Project Overview:

Kensico Watershed Stormwater Management Facility

The scope of work for this project involves:

Installing two new double catch basins in West Lake Drive, to capture storm runoff from sub-basin N1, Replacing the existing 18 inch metal pipe culvert from the existing basin under West Lake Drive to a headwall outlet with a new 30 inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe.
Excavate and reconstruct the existing rip-rap channel to the existing V notch weir.
Install a new 42” HDPE pipe line and 48” HDPE including drop manholes, and inlet grates to convey storm water runoff from sub basin N7 and cul-de-sac at the old Kensico road to the Kensico Reservoir.
Construct the new rip-rap outfall for the pipe at the water line of the Kensico Reservoir.
Set up and maintain sediment and erosion control measures, including temporary stormwater management as needed.
Construct the embankment enclosing the extended detention basin, and emergency spillway.
HSE is responsible for creating Baseline Schedule for Harrison Park Associates Inc.

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