Jamaica Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP)

Jamaica Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP)

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Project at a Glance

Location: Jamaica, NY
Value: $180 M
Owner: Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP)

Project Overview:

Jamaica WPCP

This project consists of 24 distinct areas of work for the stabilization of plant elements that are operating beyond their design life as well as upgrading of treatment capacity for the implementation of the biological nutrient removal. The project includes: Effluent water system, primary sludge pumps, final settling tank mechanisms & Inlet Gates, Process Air Blowers, Boiler Plant, New Odor Control Systems, Final Settling Tank Baffles, Fine Bubble diffuser Aeration System, AT Baffles, Surface Wasting, Froth Control, Primary Sludge Screening Facilities, and New Administration & Maintenance Bldg.

HSE is working on handling all CPM scheduling submittals and Scheduling supervisory tasks including:

Monitor each construction contractor’s compliance with planning and scheduling requirements.
Reviewing each contractor’s progress narratives schedule updates and revisions.
Make recommendations to the Engineer for inclusions in a corresponding response for issuance by the Engineer to each contractor.
Review the change order fragnets inserted by the various contractors into their respective schedule updates, and verify if the logic and activity ties included therein are correct.
Reviewing the logic and relationships prepared by the various contractors in their baseline schedules and updates.
Prepare analysis reports of the contractors’ performance.
Attend meetings with the various Contractors and their respective scheduling consultants.
prepare and submit the following reports to the DEP:

Schedule analysis report
Executive summary: The monthly Executive summary shall be a concise narrative comparison of actual versus planned progress, for the executive summary period.
Special interim report: discuss the impact of events which may have significant effect on the project.
A presentation for monthly issue and tasks meetings: to explain the current status of each construction contract and any significant problem areas.

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