Commuter Rail (FL)

Commuter Rail (FL)

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Project at a Glance

Location: Orlando, FL
Value: $131 M

Project Overview:

Commuter Rail (FL)

This project is the first commuter railroad project in Central Florida designed to reduce traffic on Interstate 4. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has decided to construct 32 of the 80 miles of railroad sold by CSX as the initial operating segment. Should the initial operating segment operate successfully, the FDOT will construct the remaining 48-mile segment. This is a design-build joint venture project.

Since the initial operating segment is running through the busy cities of Sanford, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs and Downtown Orlando, there are 114 road crossings that can potentially cause heavy traffic detours throughout the construction period. To avoid causing traffic jams due to detours, the FDOT has specified a schedule matrix designating which crossings can and cannot be closed at the same time. The project requires a second track built next to an existing track where CSX and Amtrak run, allowing work to continue while trains are running.

Should a closure need to take place, an extended curfew had to be requested. The project technical proposal was based on how many extended curfews are requested and the bidder with the fewest extended curfews, in addition to price consideration, will be awarded the job. This is a highly phased project with additional complexity stemming from track outage timing.

Due to the high volume of trains passing through this segment on Mondays and Tuesdays, this schedule’s work week spans Wednesday through Sunday. The CPM schedule includes the full design-build team effort including design activities, utilities work, civil work, station construction, track assembly, cutovers and FDOT milestones in addition to the erection of a control maintenance facility in Sanford.

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