CPM Scheduling for Commercial Buildings

CPM Scheduling is a critical part of commercial building projects nationwide. The construction sequence and logic ties between all the different aspects of the project must be built and meticulously managed to complete on time and within budget. Over the past 20 years, HSE has developed a database of production rates for aggressive and conservative rates based on the quantity take-off. By selecting the right production rate and multiplying it by the right quantity in every phase, each activity on the schedule will be assigned a realistic duration which is the backbone of any reliable schedule. We also take into consideration the availability of the resource in the market when needed and learning curves. Commercial projects often have aggressive schedules with heavy liquidated damages that would be applied in case of delays.

See all our Commercial Buildings Projects

See all our Commercial Buildings Projects

These damages are to cover consequential damages as a result of the owner’s inability to make beneficial use of the facility. This is why it is important to manage the schedule, identify potential delays, and document causes for delays that are beyond the contractor’s control.

CPM Scheduling takes into account all the elements that need to be brought together to complete the project, from design and permits to construction and fit-out. By carefully planning each project stage, CPM Scheduling can help avoid delays and identify potential problems before they occur.

As well as helping to avoid delays, CPM Scheduling can save money by reducing the number of waste materials and labor. By working out a construction schedule before work begins, it is possible to avoid ordering too much material or overbooking labor, which can add high costs to a project.

HSE applies the specific knowledge of commercial building construction sequence and logic ties of what we learned on previous projects to our future work so our clients can see the benefit of hiring an experienced consultant. Our goal is to build the schedule to show the optimum sequence of activities and set up logic ties in a way that could allow the contractor to use the tool to prove time and cost entitlements.

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