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At HSE Contractors, Inc. (HSE) we believe that the most effective construction claims consulting begins long before a dispute arises on the job site. Our team of professional construction claim consultants will work with you to navigate the tough times when claims in construction projects arise. Our team of experts will work with you through each step to identify, analyze, prepare and present construction claims on your engineered construction projects.

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Benefits Realized By Using HSE

HSE’s high-level consulting services are recognized throughout the world. Serving worldwide clients provides us a distinct edge over other construction claims consultants. Our one of a kind approach to construction consulting initiates in the early stages of the project when it is so important to have an efficient start and continues until it is completed and accepted. By being deeply associated with the project from the start HSE can assure the necessary steps are taken and documentation is maintained. This assures that a thorough retrospective schedule analysis of all project delays is possible as it is essential for the equitable resolution of delay and impact-related construction disputes throughout the project execution.

HSE Contractors, Inc. is unrivaled in avoiding, mitigating, and resolving construction claims. We work with all contractual parties to settle claims and construction disputes without the need for arbitration or litigation.

In the case that a disagreement arises and cannot be resolved by the parties. Our construction claims consultants will work with you to provide expert services for mediation, arbitration or the courtroom, and complete claims analysis and report. HSE will work hard to produce the best possible outcome for your company, project and goals

Specific Benefits

HSE, will be your knowledgeable guide to help you navigate through all aspects of construction claims process quickly to mitigate risk to your business and project. Through our comprehensive and industry-leading approach to construction project management your projects and organizations will receive the following benefits:

  • Improve avoidance of “value destroying” projects.
  • Enable you to pursue strategic growth opportunities with greater speed, skill, and confidence decreasing time-to-market.
  • Satisfy the executive-level needs for accurate, focused information supporting capital deployment, effective risk-taking, and on-going course corrections during construction contract claims process.
  • Reduce cost overruns and late schedule completions of your construction projects.
  • Improve your ability to manage and minimize project risk and better allocate specific risks with increased accountability.
  • Increase alignment of business processes, people, and technology to achieve information integrity and personal accountability.

HSE Contractors, Inc. has the experience and knowledge you need to receive industry-leading construction claims consulting no matter the size, scope, or location of your project. Give us a call to talk with one of our construction claims consultants today! Contact Us >.

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