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Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is an intelligent 3D modeling process that provides construction insight to keep projects scheduled and on budget throughout a construction project’s life. This advanced planning software allows architects, engineers, and construction workers to plan, design, build and manage infrastructure and buildings.

While it is built on several processes and technologies, BIM refers to the entire operation of all parties working on the construction project and the entire lifecycle management of a construction project. This means that BIM can help project managers and investors understand every construction stage before the project begins.

Who can use BIM?

BIM can be used to support all parties involved in a construction project. From engineers, real estate developers, architects, and other construction professionals from proposal to project completion. BIM allows all project team members to plan, design, and construct their project structure or building within a singular 3D model.

Since all teams are working from the same model, it is easy to implement BIM, which creates flow and cohesion during the project’s life. This means that project planners can schedule crews, architects can plan for materials and equipment, and construction crews can schedule on-ground logistics.

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Advantages of BIM Modeling

Unlike the old days of pen and paper, BIM uses advanced computer technology to build a virtual model of the building or structure being built, which allows the team to foresee construction issues before they happen and foresee inefficiency within the project timeline.

Even though BIM is typically associated with pre-construction and building design, it offers vital information to every party involved in the project. Since everyone understands the details of the project, each stage can stay on schedule and within budget throughout the project’s entire lifecycle.

  • Improves Collaboration & Communication
  • Reduce Project Costs
  • Mitigates Risks
  • Improves Sequencing And Scheduling
  • Better Detection Of Potential Issues
  • Availability Of High-Quality Training For Your Team

BIM Consulting in Orlando, FL

Your construction project needs a BIM consultant to ensure everything is set up and managed properly. Without an expert guide, your construction project could get off to the wrong start and lead to expensive delays down the road. It would help if you also had a BIM consultant like HSE who has experience with several projects and management teams throughout the Orlando area.

When you choose HSE Contractors for your BIM services, you are choosing the best BIM consulting team in the Orlando area with years of experience and proven results for construction projects just like yours.

HSE Contractors offers the leading BIM consulting services in the Orlando area. We have worked with the largest construction firms in the area, and we understand details that can impact your Orlando construction project.

If you need the best quality BIM services to ensure your construction project stays on track and budget!

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BIM Services In Orlando FAQs

Design and construction teams can collaborate more efficiently using the data collected throughout the BIM process.
BIM maturity level refers to the construction chain’s ability to utilize and share information and operate at an optimal level.
There are currently four levels of maturity for BIM modeling.

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