CPM Scheduling for Higher Education

Critical Path Method (CPM) is a construction schedule management technique that can be used for higher education construction projects. HSE Contractors use the CPM technique to generate a construction schedule that includes all of the construction activities and their respective durations for different administration buildings, classrooms, labs, sports complexes, and auditoriums. These special project features are captured in the schedule and the WBS is organized to sequence construction activities while respecting operational requirements. We have worked in 10 different states for major programs such as North Campus Residential Expansion of Cornell University and UCLA.

See all our Higher Education Projects

See all our Higher Education Projects

The CPM was developed in the construction industry and has been successfully used on many large higher education projects. The construction schedule is then used to coordinate the construction activities and resources. CPM is a valuable construction schedule management method because it allows construction managers to see the entire construction project and identify potential problems before they occur. In addition, CPM can be used to optimize the construction schedule by identifying activities that can be shortened or eliminated without affecting the overall completion time of the project. CPM is essential for higher education construction projects because it helps construction managers to save time and money by avoiding potential problems and optimizing the construction schedule.

HSE applies the specific knowledge of higher education construction sequence and logic ties of what we learned on previous projects to all of our future work so our clients can truly see the benefit of hiring an experienced consultant. Our goal is to build the schedule to show the optimum sequence of activities and set up logic ties in a way that could allow construction managers to use the tool to prove the impact of compensable or excusable delays in future monthly updates.

Education Construction Consultants Lead the Charge in Education Improvement

Over the years, the challenges being faced by the nation’s education sector continue to grow. These include, among others, the upsurge in enrollees, realignment in the budgets of organizations and increased competition posed by foreign institutions.

Both public and private institutions are responding in different ways to address these concerns. These groups are hiring more personnel, renovating their existing infrastructure and building additional facilities in their bid to become more efficient and competitive.

These organizations realize that the only way for them to thrive is to have a solid plan of action that best reflects their mission, vision, and goals.

This is where the role of education construction consultants and school construction consultants become invaluable. Our company has a pool of top-rated professionals who can provide construction consulting services that are tailor fit to meet the specific demands of a client.

Our Edge From the Competition

Currently, our expanding clientele includes contractors, engineers, business owners, architects, educational and financial institutions. They realize the importance of our invaluable advice, especially during project development and construction phases.

What gives our company a major edge over our competitors is our ability to customize its interventions based on the specific project demands of a client.

Our education construction consultants work best by breaking down complex problems and offering simple but smart and effective solutions. The capacity to undertake these kinds of interventions is due to many years of solid experience in serving the diverse needs of industry stakeholders.

Our Education Construction Consulting Expertise

  • University campus expansions
  • Classroom Remodelings
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Auditoriums and Dorms
  • Elementary, Middle Schoold and High School Campuses
  • School Stadiums

Setting the Batch Higher Each Year

Every year, our company tries to set the bar a notch higher. We believe that it is important for our organization to grow in step with our clients. This is the reason why we are looking for ways on how we can deliver on our commitment of giving high-quality consulting services that are attuned to the changing times.

Our team is composed of experienced and highly-skilled construction managers, engineers, schedulers and claim consultants who understand the education industry like the back of their hand. With their years of construction experience, they have been instrumental in planning projects for a school district or educational institution that needs to keep up with the fast-changing times.

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