CPM Scheduling for Resorts And Hotels

At HSE, we understand that every construction project is unique and requires a tailored approach. When it comes to residential construction, we have the specific knowledge and experience to create a construction schedule that will help the project run smoothly, using critical path scheduling. Important intermediate milestones such as completion of structural steel and achieving watertight building are added to the schedule. Achieving these milestones will enable the start of successor weather-dependent activities. The schedule will also be built to take into account shop drawings review and approval cycles, in addition to client approval on material selections necessary for seamless execution. Typical residential projects include are based on cycles of framing crew movement, MEPF, Drywall, and interior finishes from one floor to another. Common issues take place when exterior work is not correctly tied to interior finishes.

See all our Resorts And Hotels Projects

See all our Resorts And Hotels Projects

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