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Common Methods for Assessing Construction Damages

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Quantification and Assessment of Construction Damages

Construction projects often experience delays, acceleration, lost productivity, altered work, and other issues that can impact costs. When these problems are caused by the actions or inactions of another party, it can be challenging to determine the true cost of the losses and to calculate the amount that needs to be paid back. Reaching an agreement with the opposing side or obtaining dispute resolution that supports your stance can also be difficult.

HSE Contractors’ construction damage specialists can help you understand and be compensated for losses. Our experts carefully discover, assess, calculate, and provide damages related to construction claims and overruns. We determine who is liable, verify claims, calculate damages, and help settle disputes with a thorough approach to every problem.

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Our professionals have assessed various types of damage, frequently involving:

  1. Real losses
  2. Both direct and indirect labor
  3. Work modifications
  4. Outstanding contract balance
  5. Cost of fixing and rectifying subpar work
  6. Higher expense to finish the task
  7. Resulting harm
  8. Prolonged and/or worsened overall circumstances
  9. Overhead in a home office

Common Delay Claims Analyses

  • Liquidated losses
  • Higher labor expenses
  • Higher expenses for materials
  • Unused equipment
  • Cost increases
  • Reduction in labor productivity

Qualification and Expertise for Construction Damages

A thorough document review is essential for conducting a comprehensive damage analysis. HSE’s construction claims specialists examine all relevant paperwork, including contracts, bid estimates, modification orders, payment applications, job cost reports, vendor/subcontractor invoices, progress monitoring sheets, and correspondence.

Our construction claims experts can provide the analytical support required to assess and help you collect damages, regardless of your role in the process—owner, program manager, contractor, architect, subcontractor, or lawyer. As a full-service company, we can utilize our understanding of every facet of project planning and execution to ensure that any damages are located, examined, and valued. Our independence offers an objective viewpoint that aids in arriving at a fair conclusion, backed by HSE Contractors’ demonstrated performance history.

HSE’s construction damage assessment process generally includes:

  • Review of Entitlement: Determining What Damages Are Claimable

This usually depends on agreements, rules, laws, and/or customs in the industry.

  • Variance Analysis

Calculating the difference between earned value (the projected cost of work    completed) and the actual cost of the job completed is known as variance analysis. Generally, a negative cost variance means that the scope of work or an activity has gone beyond budget or has had a cost overrun.

  • Causation Analysis

Establishing the facts and chronology to ascertain precisely what happened, when it happened, and with what effects or consequences is known as causation analysis. Usually, a causality analysis establishes the cause and consequence for which the owner or contractor asserts their right to reimbursement.

  • Damages Calculation: Determining the Extent of Damages

Using industry-standard techniques and methodologies, including pricing, industry studies, measured mile analysis, discrete damage quantification, and event analysis, our construction damages specialists can calculate the extent of damages. Whatever your position or function within the building process, Spire’s construction damages specialists are prepared to offer the analytical assistance required to calculate and help you get damages. Get in touch with our team to find out more about what we can do for you and about our damages assessment services.

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