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  • Ability to leverage multiple opportunities with BIM
  • Parametrics family creation, as well as Revit conversion
  • Seamless communication throughout convergence facilities
  • Knowledge sharing of industry best practices
  • Up to date software training
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During any building design and construction project, collaboration among architects, engineers, and contractors is the most important factor for success. BIM coordinating services are the best way to streamline communication between disciplines and reduce the cost of time, labor, and materials during each construction phase.

What is BIM coordination?

BIM coordination | HSE Contractors

Shop drawings and 3D modeling have been around for a long time, yet the idea of coordinating between building systems is relatively new. Today, business information modeling coordination offers the best tools for construction scheduling and sequencing, as well as clash detection.

Autodesk Revit and other software platforms allow multiple construction team members to collaborate on the same building model. To ensure the best building design, construction scheduling, and sequencing processes, it’s critically important for the team to work with experienced partners with the right resources. Our coordinated models let design teams work together in real-time, with maximum speed and minimum cost.

The benefits of BIM coordinating services

  • Reduce costs, save resources
  • More efficiency and faster project delivery times
  • Better communication and coordination
  • More opportunities for modular construction and prefabrication
  • Higher quality construction and more successful results

Building information modeling is more than just a technology or construction process. In fact, model coordination helps designers, architects, engineers, and contractors create advanced buildings with significant benefits.

Reduce costs and save resources

The most important benefit of model coordination is it allows the design team to accurately estimate the costs before each construction phase begins. At the same time, architects and other members of the construction team also use these tools to detect clashes and errors in sequencing and scheduling. For example, architects use BIM coordination to overcome these typical issues with materials and labor costs –

  • Materials pricing, shipping, and installation costs
  • Choosing whether to use prefabricated or modular elements
  • Sequencing and scheduling deliveries
  • Labor payroll based on the construction timeline
  • Faster, more efficient project completion

In general, faster building construction will lower the overall project costs. It’s also important to keep in mind the value of quick delivery to building owners – Finishing the project early or on time means occupants can begin using the space sooner, so owners receive revenue earlier.

Better communication means more effective collaboration

Better communication | HSE Contractors

When a construction team uses 3D modeling coordination, their workflow speeds up considerably. That’s because business information models rely on a “single source” environment with coordinated models.

It means all relevant data – including time-related information – is stored on and shared from a single source. There’s less confusion because every team member sees the same information and can also make suggestions about the input of others. This technology fosters true collaboration across all building systems.

Modular, prefabrication, or build onsite?

3D BIM lets architects simulate cost scenarios for different materials and methods. For example, this software can help the project management team decide whether to use modular or prefabricated components or build them onsite.

BIM coordination means better results

Model coordination means higher quality construction projects with better results. That’s because 3D BIM and time-focused 4D construction both make the building design calculations much more accurate and detailed, resulting in better building quality at a lower cost.

Using visualization tools, design teams and construction project managers can see how structures and landscape elements will look in their final form. Designers, architects, and contractors can vary materials and finishes, and see how a building will appear in both natural and artificial light.

Our BIM coordinating process

Beyond 2D shop drawings and ordinary 3D modeling, project managers now have many options for controlling the design process, as well as each construction phase. Our model coordinating service is available with visualizations in higher dimensions for the most precise control over any project –

  • 4D provides time-related information for construction scheduling and sequencing
  • 5D gives the cost to build each element of the design
  • 6D shows the environmental impact of a project over time
  • 7D estimates the cost of facility management and maintenance throughout the project’s life-cycle

Partner with HSE Contractors for BIM coordinating services

BIM services have become the competitive standard of success for building design and documentation during construction projects. It’s important to choose the right partners, and our expert team can help keep complex projects on time and on budget.

Ready to implement BIM coordination services in your existing or future construction project? Contact the experts at HSE Contractors today for more information.
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HSE CPM Certifications | construction consulting services | scheduling consultants HSE Insurance Certifications | construction scheduling Consultants

HSE Contractors is insured by the following professional liability policies, up to $4,000,000 for our clients’ protection:
General Liability.
Workers Comp

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