CPM Scheduling for Power Plants

The construction schedule for a power plant construction project is logic-driven and consists of construction activities that have discrete start and finish dates. The construction sequence and logic ties between construction activities are defined by the construction dependencies. The critical path scheduling method (CPM) analyzes the construction schedule to determine the order in which construction activities need to be completed, as well as the duration of each construction activity. By using the critical path scheduling method, construction managers can identify potential problems with the construction schedule and make necessary changes to avoid delays. In addition, the critical path scheduling method can be used to evaluate the impact of changes to the construction schedule on the overall project.

HSE applies the specific knowledge of power plant construction sequence and logic ties of what we learned on previous projects to all of our future work so our clients can truly see the benefit of hiring an experienced consultant. Our goal is to design the schedule to show the optimum sequence of activities and set up logic ties in a way that could allow construction managers to use the tool to prove the impact of compensable or excusable delays in future monthly updates.

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