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A Look at Critical Path Software

In recent years, the development of different critical path software applications has been underway. A look at the state of critical path software development and a general examination of critical path software solutions is presented. Specifically, we look at:

  • Overview of critical path method
  • Critical path software: calculating task parameters
  • Critical path software: calculating project parameters
  • Critical path software: graphic critical path schedule
  • Benefits of critical path software

Overview of the Critical Path Method

Critical Path Method, or CPM, technically speaking is an algorithm this is utilized to schedule a set of tasks comprising a project. CPM oftentimes is used in conjunction with Program Evaluation and Review Technique, or PERT.

Using this solution, what is known as a critical path in a project is determined. The critical path is ascertained by identifying the longest stretch with a project of what are known as dependent tasks. These are tasks that commence when another task fully completes. Once the critical path is identified, the overall project time can be calculated.

Critical Path Software: Calculating Task Parameters

Critical path software navigates the calculation of the time parameters for individual project tasks based upon data collected and imputed by a project manager or a project stakeholder. At the heart of the calculation of task parameters by critical path software is the projection of the most likely task completion date. Software applies the same algorithm typically associated with the critical path method. Thus, software focuses on estimations involving the soonest, most likely, and latest potential start and completion dates for a task, coupled with an assessment of task dependencies, to calculate the best task completion estimate.

Critical Path Software: Calculating Project Parameters

Aggregating the data amassed from the task-level calculations, critical path software is able to calculate the broader project completion parameters. Once more, the underlying CPM algorithm comes into play, utilizing soonest and latest start and completion projection based on the individual task completion estimates.

When calculating the final project completion timeframe, software also takes into account not only tasks along the critical path, but also the secondary or noncritical ones. These are tasks that need completion but create no dependencies with other tasks and possess fluidity as to when they complete.

Critical Path Software: Graphic Critical Path Schedule

The ultimate benefit of critical path software is that it creates a graphic critical path schedule. Rather than attempting to draw on by hand, which has been done in the past and certainly can be cone now, critical path software produces an accurate graphic schedule that includes:

  • Individual critical path tasks
  • Dependencies between critical path tasks
  • Tasks outside of the critical path
  • Supporting data associated with tasks, dependencies, and all other project aspects

Benefits of Critical Path Software

There are a number of notable benefits associated with the use of critical path software. Primary on any list of benefits is the ultimate graphic schedule that is generated by the software. This type of software has the ability to create a highly accurate and easy to use graphically displayed critical path schedule. Such a schedule is easily accessible to all stakeholders in a particular project.

On a related note, a benefit of critical path software is a reduction in potential errors in all aspects of utilizing the critical path method. This includes avoiding misapplication of the algorithm associated with critical path estimates to errors on the final generated critical path schedule.

HSE Insurance Certifications | construction scheduling Consultants

HSE Contractors is insured by the following professional liability policies, up to $4,000,000 for our clients’ protection:
General Liability.
Workers Comp

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