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Effective CPM Planning Requires Several Different Components

There are several essential steps needed for accurate CPM planning. To start with, you need to obtain data from a variety of sources, both internally and externally. For instance, you need to find out what days vendors are able to deliver supplies and equipment. You have to work with contractors and the hours they are available to work on your project. These are just two of the many components needed to put together your initial schedule and develop the critical path.

What to Do When the Initial CPM Planning Schedule Does Not Look Correct

After spending countless hours putting together your initial CPM planning schedule, you and others on your team could notice there are certain things that do not look correct. A team member might point out you listed a task as being independent, when it is actually a dependent task. You may notice there are multiple critical paths on the schedule and are not entirely sure which one is right. In these situations, it is highly recommended you have experienced project planning consultants, like us, here at HSE Contractors, review your initial schedule.

Our professionals start out by reviewing your current schedule by using supporting project documentation and data you supply. Next, we prepare a new schedule showing you the most efficient and effective ways to complete all of your project tasks. Once we are finished, we take the time to go over both schedules with you to show you where you went wrong and help you improve your scheduling abilities.