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Construction Delay Analysis Shows How Events Impact Projects

Even with the best preparations and planning, there can still be unexpected events which cause delays to your project. As anyone knows, these events drastically impact the delivery of the project to its owners and sponsors. It is impossible to plan for every type of potential issue that could cause a change in your project schedule. However, you are able to use construction delay analysis to get a better idea of how certain events impact your project.

Different scenarios can be run using individual events, such as weather delays, late arrival of raw materials, work delays and others, to see how they affect your project schedule. It is also a good idea to have the scenarios run using multiple events to see how tasks and goals will need to be adjusted. These types of events are just one aspect to this procedure.

Construction Delay Analysis

A detailed construction delay analysis should include more than just tasks and processes. Construction claims are another kind of event that has an impact on project schedules. If there are disagreements between contractors and your management team, work may stop. Being prepared for this is equally important to understanding how delivery schedules and weather could cause potential delays in finishing your project on time.

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