CPM Scheduling for Marine Construction

As any construction professional knows, maintaining an accurate construction schedule is essential for the success of any project. In the marine construction industry, where projects can be subject to delays due to weather and other factors, this is especially true. Marine projects often involve piling and dredging activities that must be scheduled outside specific fish window dates. This ensures these land disturbance activities are correctly scheduled to minimize adverse environmental impacts and meet local jurisdictional requirements. That’s why many marine construction companies choose to work with critical path scheduling consultants, such as HSE Contractors. Critical path scheduling is a method of construction scheduling that takes into account all of the interdependent activities in a construction project.

See all our Marine Construction Projects

See all our Marine Construction Projects

This provides a more accurate picture of the construction schedule, which can help to avoid costly delays. By working with a critical path scheduling consultant, marine construction companies can ensure that their projects are completed on time and on budget.

HSE applies the specific knowledge of marine construction sequence and logic ties of what we learned on previous projects to all of our future work so our clients can truly see the benefit of hiring an experienced consultant. Our goal is to build the schedule to show the optimum sequence of activities and set up logic ties in a way that could allow construction managers to use the tool to prove the impact of compensable or excusable delays in future monthly updates.

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