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Use Construction Claims Consulting to Quickly Resolve Disputes

No matter how well your construction planning is, there can be times where disagreements arise and need to be handled. How quickly and effectively you are able to resolve these issues are important. Any time there are disputes, it could result in having to place your project on hold until the matter is resolved. The longer the project sits with no work being completed, the further behind it puts your schedule. In addition, delays and work stoppages only add to your bottom line, and increase the costs of completing the project on time. Further, if you are unable deliver the project as promised, you may have to refund part of the money to your customer.

One way to be prepared for unexpected disputes is to secure the services of a third party, like HSE Contractors, to take care of construction claims consulting. We are able to objectively hear both sides of the dispute and help arrive at an acceptable resolution between you, your customer, and other parties involved in the disagreement. Instead of running the risk of having your project put on hold for an indefinite period of time, our expertise helps get everyone back to work and on track.

Construction Claims Consultancy

In addition to construction claims consulting, our firm provides a wide variety of contractor services for any size project. We are able to assist with the development of comprehensive critical path method schedules, to perform risk analyses, to create project schedules, to supply projections for your cash flow management, and to give you regular monthly updates. These are just a small list of services we offer, and we work hard to accommodate the unique needs of our clients.