Remember to Include Allowances when Developing the Construction Critical Path |

Remember to Include Allowances when Developing the Construction Critical Path

Any time you are preparing a construction schedule, you need to build in allowances for making adjustments after the project begins. It is common for delays to occur on construction work due to weather, delays in shipments, and other such issues. Whenever there is delay, not only do you need to update your schedule, but also the construction critical path to reflect these changes. If you forget to change the critical path, it will show inaccurate data and time frames.

Staying on top of construction schedules and properly managing the construction critical path can quickly turn into a full time job for large scale projects. As project manager, you have other responsibilities to focus on, besides schedule management. Depending on the number of team members, you may discover you are overloading your employees with too many tasks than they have time to complete. This is never a good situation to get into because, when tasks cannot get completed on time, it has a direct effect on the project, which trickles down and frequently results in delays.

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Should you find yourself short on staffing and team resources, or require assistance with managing construction schedules, do not hesitate to contact us, here at HSE Contractors, for help. We have provided our services, along with our experienced and knowledgeable engineers, to work on all types and sizes of construction projects, including the World Trade Center Memorial and the modification of the Ares-I mobile launcher for NASA.