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P6 Primavera Training – Is it worth it ?

Oracle P6 Primavera Training: Your road to advancement in construction management


Does investing time in project management training pay off, particularly when it comes to acquiring technical skills such as Oracle Primavera P6 Professional?

Yes! Primavera P6 is an effective project management tool will undoubtedly be worth your time and money. Now let’s delve deeper into its 3 benefits.

Oracle Primavera P6 training

1- Increased Jobs Opportunities:

First of all, you’ll be able to apply to more job vacancies with all the skills and qualifications you’ll get to add on your resume. In case you happen to meet the application standards, you’ll be able to apply to a much greater number of jobs! 

While not all businesses utilise the Oracle product set, numerous sectors depend on Primavera P6 Professional or EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management). Many well-paying project employment at well-reputed companies, including those in construction, engineering, large-scale tech, pharmaceuticals, utilities, will require Primavera abilities.

2.Higher Salaries:

Having Primavera P6 training may also aid in wage negotiations. Since the  recent social trend of the Great Resignation, employers are finding it more difficult to recruit qualified applicants, hence skilled and experienced workers are in high demand. For businesses, having the ability to demonstrate that you have the necessary abilities for the position is an added bonus that may be worth a higher pay rate.

Even if you decide to remain in your existing role, your new abilities can enable you to take on more challenging and large-scale projects, assume different project planning responsibilities, and oversee other areas of the job. That has to be worth bringing up in your next performance evaluation when discussing a pay rise, don’t you think?


3.Ability to Operate in More Roles:

You will be actively involved in the project schedule on a daily basis in your role as project manager. You might simply need to understand the rudimentary concepts of entering and updating tasks for that. But what occurs when the information you view doesn’t match your expectations exactly?

Having a thorough understanding of Primavera P6 will enable you to analyse the data and identify any problem areas. Gaining additional expertise in scheduling will make it simpler for you to understand reports and assist your project teams.

In conclusion, investing time in Primavera training, specifically in acquiring technical skills like Oracle Primavera P6 Professional, is definitely worth it. Primavera P6 is a widely used project management tool across various industries, providing numerous benefits.


The aforementioned benefits of Primavera training make it a worthwhile investment in both your professional growth and earning potential especially in construction scheduling and management.