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Avoiding the OSHA Fatal Four safety considerations on construction sites according to site supervision HSE experts

As HSE Contractors continues to expand throughout the entire nation, we always aim to ensure that our relationship with our clients is successful, that is why over 75% of clients become returning clients. We do this by committing to the values we have set as a team, such as providing Staff Augmentation services and delivering professional services, that make us stand out in the market in quality and speed. Observing best-practice standards while delivering ahead of schedule are our hallmarks, even down to safety on site.

Why Work with HSE Contractors’ Experts?

At HSE Contractors, our primary objective is to consistently surpass our clients’ expectations and help them achieve their maximum potential. We accomplish this by hiring some of the most accomplished construction management experts in the country, with a combined 15-20 years of experience in the site supervision and project management industry.

It’s worth mentioning that the HSE team believes in commitment when dealing with our clients’ needs. We pay close attention to detail to project delivery timelines, procurement needs and real-life update from site, to guarantee a professional documented outcome that can be relied on for construction claims and proof for project owners. Controlling your project inputs with a CPM schedule shows the project owner expert control and keeps an assurance of peace of mind knowing that any delays and you can identify forensically where and who is responsible for said delays.

Regarding conditions on site, HSE Contractors puts a great deal of effort into creating a safe construction site for its workers. All potential candidates adhere to strict hiring guidelines and are screened for safety standards as a standard process. We choose engineers who put humans first recognizing that human capital is the backbone of any successful project. Speaking of safety procedures, let’s delve deeper into OSHA’s Fatal Four that are often warned against on HSE contractors’ work sites.

What is Osha’s Fatal Fours Safety Consideration?

The OSHA Fatal Four safety pitfalls to avoid refers to the four leading causes of fatalities in the construction industry;

  1. Falls,
  2. Struck-by incidents
  3. Electrocutions
  4. Caught-in/between accidents

These hazards account for a significant number of deaths each year and can be prevented with proper safety measures. That’s precisely why HSE Contractors always ensures necessary safety measures for the workers it hires.

Safety considerations for site supervisors

Safety 101 on-site!

    • Falls are the most common cause of fatalities in the construction industry and can occur from heights such as roofs, scaffolds, or ladders. OSHA requires employers to provide fall protection equipment and training to employees working at heights.
    • Struck-by incidents involve workers being hit by objects or vehicles on construction sites. Employers are responsible for implementing measures to prevent such incidents, such as providing personal protective equipment and ensuring proper traffic control.
    • Electrocutions occur when workers come into contact with live electrical wires or faulty equipment. Employers hired by HSE Contractors always ensure that workers are trained on electrical safety procedures and that equipment is regularly inspected and maintained.
    • Caught-in/between accidents tend to happen when workers are caught or crushed between objects such as machinery or collapsing structures or That’s why HSE Contractors always checks that their potential candidates provide proper guarding on machines and ensure that workers are adequately trained on safe operating procedures.

HSE Contractors ensures that it provides top-notch quality work compared to other companies in the market saving customers’ money and time. All the workers we hire are certified and go through strict filtering process before being hired. Over half of these workers reapply for future jobs with us, showing how highly experienced and satisfied they are working with us.

In conclusion, at HSE Contractors, we are proud to say that our focus is always on promoting safety awareness, providing training programs, and advocating for stricter safety regulations in these fields. We work closely with our clients and employees to ensure that they have the knowledge and resources to prevent accidents and create a safe working environment. Check out our website to learn more about our services!