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Obtain Professional Construction Claims Analysis for Resolve Disputes

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A construction claims analysis has to be completed in order to determine whether you have grounds to take action whenever there is a dispute about different aspects of a construction project. Not taking the time to have a professional consultant, like us, here at HSE Contractors, review the details of the dispute can be a waste of both time and money. By having one of our experienced claims consultants perform an assessment, you will know right away what options you have available.

What to take into consideration

Keep in mind there are certain situations where sometimes there is nothing you can do from a legal prospective, after having a construction claims analysis performed. In these cases, we make every effort to act as an intermediary between you and the other party, to attempt to reach an agreement and resolve the matter. Frequently, mediation is all that is needed to open communications after they have broken down. It is also common to discover the underlying causes for the problems all started with a small issue which could have easily been resolved through open communications.

In addition to our professional claims assessment and analysis, we offer a wide range of construction consulting services, from creating and developing comprehensive CPM schedules, to creating and publishing a project schedule website. We have worked on numerous projects in a variety of construction fields, for all sizes of clients. Our goal is to deliver high quality services at competitive prices, while providing fully customizable solutions to fit within your budget and satisfy your objectives.