Map Out the Critical Path for Your Project Using CPM Scheduling Software |

Map Out the Critical Path for Your Project Using CPM Scheduling Software

One of the key components to preparing schedules for construction projects is understanding how to utilize and apply the critical path method. Some people do not fully realize how important this method is to their projects. Using this method is one of the most widely used techniques for construction project scheduling. What it does is show the shortest period of time needed to complete the project from start to finish. Mapping out the critical path can be accomplished manually or by using CPM scheduling software.

Using Critical Path

Putting together the right critical path depends upon several factors, starting with the types of task and their durations. Some tasks have to be completed before others, while others can be worked on simultaneously, have no predecessors, or are able to be completed at any time. Linking all of the tasks together in the right order to create the shortest path could require the assistance of a third party contractor, like us here at HSE Contractors.

Prior to starting any work, we ask that you send us all documents, drawings, specifications, and so on, which define the scope of the work to be completed. After we receive your documentation, we will send you a questionnaire to complete, followed by your quote, expected completion date, and a professional services agreement. In order to begin work, we must receive you signed professional services agreement. Once this is received, we are able to use our CPM scheduling software to put together a first draft of your project schedule for you to review. From there, we follow up with a phone call and discuss any necessary adjustments or changes you want incorporate into the final schedule.