How to Identify Experienced CPM Schedulers |

How to Identify Experienced CPM Schedulers?

One major difference between experienced CPM schedulers and others is their reliance on software applications. An experienced scheduler is able to sit down and map out the entire project on paper using a single start date and a single stop date without having to use software. They can quickly look at a list of tasks and determine where each one should be placed in the schedule. Further, they know how to prepare a work breakdown structure (WBS), identify goals, and map out the critical path all on paper. The advantage to developing the schedule by hand is it keeps the schedule simple, effective and accurate without over cluttering the WBS with unnecessary information. Once completed, the schedule could be entered into a software application for easier management once the project starts.

How Can My CPM Schedulers Gain This Experience?

The best way for your CPM schedulers to gain experience developing project schedules is through continuing education and training courses. These courses are designed to teach fundamental, intermediate and advanced topics in construction project scheduling. Courses include learning how to use a project management application like Primavera. Depending on the number of employees who require training, and their current skill level, you have options between online consulting, off-site scheduling training and on-site training at your location, for both individuals and groups.

If you have time constraints and cannot wait for your employees to complete training, another option is to use our construction consulting services. We can help you with all of your scheduling needs for your current project and train your employees for future projects.