KapStone R9 Boiler Rebuild Project 2018

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Project at a Glance

Location: North Charleston, SC
Value: $4.9M
General Contractor: AZZ/SMS construction company
Project Owner: Kapstone Paper Mill

Project Overview:

KapStone R9 Boiler Rebuild Project 2018

HSE Contractors created the project controls schedule in the Rebuild Project for the Kapstone R9 Boiled in South Carolina. The Revamp of R-9 activities included: Changing burners, Screen Tube Riser Drum Stubs & Side Wall Headers, rear wall, lower level replacement, demolition of concrete roof, Installation of side wall beams, Demolition of (4) Interfering Beams @ Penthouse, Demolition of Saturated Steam Piping (16 ea.), spreader beam & monorails, which Includes blasting refractory around spouts, Installation of Soot Blowers @ Economizer hanger, Welding Out SH2 Steam Piping ( 14″) and Rear Wall Screen Tubes (216 tubes) and a total revamp of R-9 Boiler.

  • IKapstone-Paper Mill South Carolina
  • R9 Boiler Interior
  • Revamp of R-9 Changing burners
  • R9 Boiler Burners

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