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HSE is a leading BIM and drafting firm with proven track record of high quality work delivered on time and within budget. HSE has been successfully supporting BIM consultants, architects, MEP consultants, mechanical contractors, owners & general contractors nationwide. HSE offers the following set of services:

  • Shop Drawings, Fabrication & As Built drawings
  • 3D Revit BIM modeling
  • Clash detection and coordination
  • CD/Permit set creation
  • Constructability Review
  • 4D/5D construction simulation
  • Scan to BIM and Scan to CAD conversion

We are all familiar with 3D models, but you may not be familiar with 5D BIM modeling technology. This model based estimating system takes into account two additional dimensions that influence construction: component pricing and time. In an effort to supply our clients and their stakeholders with a comprehensive model of the project at hand, HSE Contractors offers a wide range of BIM modeling services.

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What is 3D Modeling, 4D Modelling and Visual Animation?

3D Model: A virtual model that contains representations of physical objects in 3D (x,y,z) as surfaces or solids. Common types of 3D models include but are not limited to: Existing Conditions Model(s), Design Model(s), and Construction Model(s). Construction Model (s) typically contain temporary site features and equipment (e.g. detours, temporary signals, utility excavations, false work, etc.)

4D Model Simulation: An aggregation of virtual models that are linked to the current CPM Progress Schedule that shows an ordered, time scaled appearance of model elements/objects. The CPM Progress Schedule that is integrated to the 3D model (4D model) shall be kept current (all revisions and updates) on a monthly basis. A 4D model must contain one or more virtual models and at least one link to a CPM schedule.

Visual Animation: A walk-through of a virtual model that also supports movement and display and contains photo-simulations to more accuratley depict existing and construction build-out conditions both under and above ground.

What exactly is BIM 5D Modeling?

Building Information Modeling (3D BIM) combines 3D CAD components with scheduling constraints and budgetary concerns. It therefore allows the entire construction team – including everyone from architects to owners – to conceptualize the expense and progress of all the construction activities over a particular time period. Professional BIM modeling services have the potential to revolutionize the management of construction projects regardless of size, location, or complexity.

Advantages of BIM Modeling

The BIM Modeling system allows contractors to accurately estimate expenses incurred throughout each stage of construction. This therefore allows them to identify key variables and adjust the model to accommodate the client’s unique desires. The 3D BIM modeling technology integrates all aspects of the project: design, project controls, estimating, scheduling, construction, and accounting. This model then allows our contractors to complete model based estimating, an important part of any cost plan. In order for model based estimating to yield valuable insights, the 5D model must be constructed accurately, which is why the help of seasoned experts should never be underestimated.

Our BIM & 5D Modeling services include but is not limited to:

  1. Forensic Analysis
  2. Scheduling Training (Onsite or Remote Training Available)
  3. CPM Scheduling
  4. 4D Modeling
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Schedule Graphics for Owner Presentations

resentation software (sometimes called “presentation graphics”) is a category of application program used to create sequences of words and pictures that tell a story or help support a speech or public presentation of information. Presentation software can be divided into business presentation software and more general multimedia authoring tools, with some products having characteristics of both. Business presentation software emphasizes ease- and quickness-of-learning and use. Multimedia authoring software enables you to create a more sophisticated presentation that includes audio and video sequences. Business presentation software usually enables you to include images and sometimes audio and video developed with other tools.

Some very popular presentation software, such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Lotus’s Freelance Graphics, are sold stand-alone or can come as part of office-oriented suites or packages of software. Other popular products include Adobe Persuasion, Astound, Asymetrix Compel, Corel Presentations, and Harvard Graphics. Among the most popular multimedia authoring tools are Macromedia Director and Asymetrix’s Multimedia Tool book. These authoring tools also include presentation capability as well. Most, if not all of these products come in both PC and Mac versions.

Recently, a new presentation tool has arrived: your Web browser and the tools for creating Web pages, such as Microsoft’s FrontPage and Adobe’s Page Mill. The ubiquity of these tools and the browser as a playback device make this a popular approach, especially when a presentation can combine HTML pages on the hard disk with links to outside sites (if you have a live Internet connection).

HSE is capable of tying the BIM model to cost/revenue loaded construction schedules. We have created multiple 5D models on many projects that have proven to be successful and useful for contractors and owners.

Our team of BIM model experts and BIM specialists are always on the cutting edge of technology and always use the latest versions in the market. Our software expertise include but are not limited to the following software:

  • Bentley
  • AutoDesk – Revit
  • Navisworks
  • Civil 3D

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